Do They Get A Tattoo In The Bikini Area?

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Do They Get A Tattoo In The Bikini Area?
Do They Get A Tattoo In The Bikini Area?

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The art of tattoos on intimate organs has passed through many centuries. Previously, such a beauty had a sacred meaning, but now such a tattoo serves as a common decoration, clearly emphasizing sexuality, a kind of female magnetism.

Tattoo in the bikini area
Tattoo in the bikini area

The patterns applied in the pubic area have undergone changes. Previously, flowers prevailed, but now such patterns are very diverse. More often, such tattoos do not carry an erotic context at all. For many, the ornament displays a hidden meaning. Girls emphasize their sexuality with a picture, choosing floral patterns.

Tattoo and Zodiac

There is some relationship between different colors for different signs of the zodiac. For Pisces, primrose is suitable, for Aquarius, snowdrops are chosen, for Leo and Capricorn it is better to apply holly. Chrysanthemum is suitable for Sagittarius, and it is better for Scorpio to choose hops. For Libra, bindweed looks harmonious, and for Virgins it is better to apply hazel. And finally, it is better for Cancers to apply an oak leaf as a tattoo, hawthorn - to Gemini. Taurus chooses daisies, and Aries chooses violets.

Intimate drawings applied to the pubis are more likely to have an erotic meaning. Here, flowers, inscriptions, images of insects and animals, portraits and cartoon characters are chosen as a drawing. Among the most popular and at the same time very explicit tattoos, you can list the following drawings:

Butterflies usually symbolize some kind of rebirth, real beauty and sensual tenderness, and in ancient times they denoted purity against the background of immortality. Images of scorpions can give girls courage and a certain determination. By drawing flowers to the sign, you can get a symbol of loyalty.

Cat tattoos represent sexuality and charm. If the cat is wild, it means love for freedom, inner strength. When a portrait of a man is depicted on the pubis, it embodies a strong love for him. Such erotic tattoos are often presented by girls as a gift to their beloved.

Male opinion

At the same time, men remain adherents of a stable opinion - the body of their girls is not a place for intimate tattoos. Many representatives of the male community, such tattoos suggest depravity. At the same time, men explain their rejection by the fact that years later, after giving birth and gaining excess weight, such a tattoo will become completely impartial.

However, there are men who enjoy looking at the sexual ornaments of a very frank tattoo applied to the pubis. Girls, before deciding to apply an intimate tattoo, should remember that the selection of an image is a rather important moment in the procedure, since individual drawings are perceived as symbols for very easily accessible women!

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