How To Get An Intimate Haircut

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How To Get An Intimate Haircut
How To Get An Intimate Haircut

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Modern fashion dictates conditions even for the most intimate parts of the body. It has long been considered good practice to remove unwanted vegetation in the bikini area. Someone prefers to shave hair along the line of panties, tangos or thongs. Someone votes for full hair removal. An intimate haircut can be an intermediate option and a pleasant variety, which can be done both in the salon and at home.

an intimate haircut has a magical effect on your sex life
an intimate haircut has a magical effect on your sex life

It is necessary

  • - analgesic or 100 grams of strong alcohol
  • - female razor
  • - strips with wax
  • - nail scissors
  • - Red pencil
  • - a piece of paper
  • - tweezers


Step 1

Decide where you will get your intimate haircut. If you want everything to work out perfectly, it is better to go to the salon. The master will offer to choose a pattern and do wax depilation or sugaring - sugar depilation. Before you go to the procedure, take a couple of analgesic tablets so that the depilation is not very painful.

Step 2

If you want to make an intimate haircut yourself, start by choosing a pattern. Draw a design you like on paper or cut out from a magazine. If you are doing an intimate haircut yourself for the first time, start with simple patterns. It can be a check mark, diamond or flame.

Step 3

Attach the stencil to the desired location and trace around it with a red pencil. Remove the hair around the future drawing in the usual way. If you are using wax strips rather than a razor or depilatory cream, drink an analgesic or some strong alcohol an hour before starting to reduce pain.

Step 4

Use nail scissors to carefully trim the intimate area of ​​the pattern. If any hairs are knocked out of the pattern, remove them with tweezers.

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