What Soap Helps With Acne

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What Soap Helps With Acne
What Soap Helps With Acne

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Acne appears due to excessive production of sebaceous secretion, which clogs the ducts of the excretory glands. Taking good care of your skin can help you deal with the problem and prevent acne from reoccurring.

What soap helps with acne
What soap helps with acne

How to choose a soap for problem skin

Currently, pharmacies and specialized sections of cosmetic stores offer a wide range of modern products to help get rid of acne. Unfortunately, the cost of such products is not always affordable and many are forced to use simpler means.

First and foremost, acne-prone skin needs to be carefully cared for. To remove excess secretion of the sebaceous glands from the surface of the epidermis, tar soap containing birch tar in its composition will help - a unique agent that is valued for its powerful antiseptic properties.

By purchasing tar soap, you literally for a few pennies become the owner of an effective remedy to fight acne. It's easy to use. Wash your face thoroughly morning and evening using tar soap. The result will be noticeable in a few days. Your skin will become significantly cleaner, your pores will shrink, and all the inflammation caused by acne will be almost invisible.

With the systematic use of medical soap, the skin will acquire a natural shade and completely clear of acne.

The only drawback of this treatment is the unpleasant smell that tar soap has. All other properties of birch tar can be attributed to indisputable advantages.

Laundry soap is also often used to combat acne. Initially, the skin really becomes cleaner. But after a while, the sebaceous glands begin to work more intensively, since overdrying the epidermis helps to activate the sebaceous glands. That is why it is better to refuse to use such soap.

Baby soap is gentle on the skin. When using it, the acid-base and water balance is normalized, the pores are cleaned and significantly reduced, the sebaceous ducts cease to be clogged and inflamed. Often, dermatologists recommend that patients with problem skin use only baby soap.

How to care for acne skin

In addition to using soap, it is necessary to provide acne-prone skin with the necessary protection and thorough hydration. Immediately after your morning and evening wash, use a toner or lotion designed to treat problem skin and apply a moisturizing spray or mousse with cornflower, string, chamomile, sage or calendula extract. If you plan to go outside, use your skin care products 30-40 minutes before walking.

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