How To Get A Tan

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How To Get A Tan
How To Get A Tan

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Video: How To Get A Tan
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We live in a northern country where the beach season is quite short. But it happens that our summer is cool and rainy. In this case, we try to use every sunny day for tanning, but often this is not enough to get the desired result. It is possible to obtain an even, beautiful skin color with a minimum sun exposure time. To do this, you need to change your diet, as our food can slow down or speed up tanning obtained in a tanning bed or under natural rays of light.

How to get a tan
How to get a tan


Step 1

Include carrots in your diet. This vegetable contains carotene, which is part of cosmetics for tanning in solariums.

Step 2

Make olive oil a must in your menu, it will have a positive effect along with carrots.

Step 3

Eat boiled egg yolk, which contains vitamin A and a lot of mineral salts. As part of your tanning diet, it will also perform a regenerative function.

Step 4

Remember that unripe white cheeses and cottage cheese are very good for tanning.

Step 5

Add red meat to your diet. Marinate the meat by adding rosemary and cumin to the marinade. This will prevent the release of carcinogens in the meat during frying.

Step 6

Eliminate citrus fruits and strong coffee from the list of consumed foods. They slow down tanning.

Step 7

Make fish a must-have.