How To Get A Beautiful Tan

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How To Get A Beautiful Tan
How To Get A Beautiful Tan

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Proponents of aristocratic pallor can argue as much as they want that lily-colored skin is a sign of health, self-care and noble birth. The truth, however, is that in most people's eyes, an even golden tan looks far more appealing than a waxy pallor. And the health benefits of sunbathing have not yet been canceled. A beautiful, healthy bronze tan consists of several ingredients.

Bronze tan is much more attractive than romantic lily pallor
Bronze tan is much more attractive than romantic lily pallor

It is necessary

  • - suitable tanning products for you;
  • - after-sun products;
  • - soft shower gel or cream soap.


Step 1

Using tanning products Always use tanning products. They will allow you to get an even and beautiful skin tone, as well as protect it from drying out and sunburn. Each tanning product has an SPF rating. You should choose based on your skin phototype. Light-eyed blondes with thin, sensitive skin of a milky color, which begins to sunburn after 5 minutes of exposure to the sun, should use products with SPF 40 for the first 2-3 days. Later, when the skin is somewhat adaptable, you can change the product to SPF 20-30. Brown-haired women with gray, green, brown eyes should start with SPF 30 products, further reducing the protection factor to 15. Dark blond, brown hair, gray or brown eyes, ivory skin - this is how the representatives of the third phototype look. They are not afraid of the mid-latitude sun. But to stay in the south, you still need to take with you a product with SPF 15-20, which can later be changed to a cream with a protection factor of 8-10. Dark-haired women with dark hair tan quickly and easily, rarely burn out and can boast of an intense tan already after a couple of days at the beach. Nevertheless, the use of special means for exposure to the sun is necessary for them in the same way as for representatives of other phototypes. For them, the initial "dose" of SPF is 10, and then - 4.

Step 2

After-sun products The use of after-sun products is considered optional. But this is a mistake. Exposure to the sun dries and irritates the skin. After-sun products contain ingredients that moisturize, soothe the skin, promote its regeneration.Before using the cream or after-sun milk, rinse off sea salt and sand from yourself. In this case, you should not use scrubs or soap - only soft shower gel or cream soap.

Step 3

Sun Time The third ingredient in a beautiful, even tan is the careful dosage of sun time. In the first few days, you should limit yourself to 10-15 minutes on the beach. In the future, this time can be increased. You can not sunbathe from 11 to 15 o'clock in the afternoon.

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