Secrets Of A Healthy Tan

Secrets Of A Healthy Tan
Secrets Of A Healthy Tan

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With the onset of the beach season, girls strive to give the skin a dark complexion. After all, golden skin looks healthier and more attractive. For this, ladies are ready to grill for hours on the beach or in the solarium. While a moderate tan is certainly good for your skin, it shouldn't be overused.

Beautiful tan
Beautiful tan

There are several rules for a healthy, healthy tan that will give your skin a dark complexion without harm or excessive dryness.

If the skin is too light and turns red and spots quickly during prolonged exposure to the sun, it is necessary to limit the tanning time to a minimum. People with such sensitive skin should definitely use the highest protection sunscreen.

For people with darker skin, sunburn on which lays down evenly, and the possibility of getting burns is minimal, you can use a cream with the least protection factor. It is necessary to apply protective creams half an hour before sun exposure. After bathing, it is better to reapply the cream.

If you want to give your skin a healthy look, and not harm it with a tan, it is best not to go out in the sun after 12 to 16 hours. During this period, solar activity is too great and instead of benefit, you risk getting sunburn.

After sunbathing, moisturize your skin. If red spots appear, then the skin is damaged. In this case, it should be moistened with cold lotions, after which antiseptic and healing creams should be applied.

After sunburn, the skin dries out and becomes rough, which can cause premature aging. To avoid this, you need to apply moisturizers or oils to your skin. Coconut oil is an excellent remedy. It will not only help to avoid drying out the skin, but will also keep the golden hue for a long time.

Of course, sunbathing is very beneficial for the body, but you need to be careful and follow all the rules of a healthy tan, then the skin will look beautiful, well-groomed and healthy.

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