Personal Care In The Fall

Personal Care In The Fall
Personal Care In The Fall

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In the fall, our skin requires careful care. One of the most important components of autumn care is skin toning. Vegetable and fruit masks also have a positive effect on the skin.

Personal care in the fall
Personal care in the fall

Autumn is the time when the body requires more care and protection from external factors. Changes in weather, rainy weather, wind, vitamin deficiency and even autumn depression can have a bad effect on health, and especially on the outside.

Facial skin care in autumn

In such a windy season, it is simply necessary to use a tonic, and it is good if it does not contain alcohol, but based on or with the addition of green tea, which contributes to normal hydration. Next - a cream that should protect the skin and restore problem areas of the facial skin.

Herbal infusions will relieve redness and inflammation. Chamomile is especially effective against this, with which it is good to wash the skin, both in the morning and in the evening.

Masks, especially homemade masks based on fruits, vegetables, berries and even oatmeal, will be good nutrition for the skin. There are a lot of recipes, you just need to choose the one that suits you.

Lip care in autumn

A common problem in the fall and winter is lip cracks, which occur in response to windy, cold weather. In such cases, you should always have hygienic lipstick with you, and limit yourself to the use of glosses and other lipsticks, as they dry out the skin of the lips. As strange as it sounds, the masks are also intended for the lips. They are very simple to prepare and quite effective. It is also important to drink plenty of water every day, as this will help maintain the moisture of the lips.

Hand skin care, in autumn

Hands are very sensitive and delicate parts of the body. Therefore, to avoid dryness and exfoliation of the skin, it is necessary to use moisturizers and nourishing creams. Also do baths to relax your hands and use nail hardeners.

Foot care in autumn

Temperature changes and changes in weather also affect the condition of the legs. It is often difficult to choose shoes for the weather, because they sweat and freeze. This cannot be avoided, but in this case, preference should be given to shoes made of natural materials, and when coming home to do foot baths and nourish them with cream.

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