How To Moisturize Dry Skin

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How To Moisturize Dry Skin
How To Moisturize Dry Skin

Video: How To Moisturize Dry Skin

Video: How To Moisturize Dry Skin
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Dry skin of the face is a problem that occurs quite often and is most urgent in the cold season. During this period, natural conditions make the upper layer of the epidermis more sensitive and the face needs careful care, including moisture.

How to moisturize dry skin
How to moisturize dry skin


Step 1

Before moisturizing dry skin, it must be properly cleansed. Washing with soap or special means washes off the sebum produced by the glands from the face. Therefore, wash your face using kefir or milk as a cleansing agent. With regular use of these products, the skin becomes velvety to the touch and looks fresh.

Step 2

After cleansing, apply a moisturizer to the skin. If the outside temperatures are freezing, then this must be done no later than 30 minutes before leaving the house. Otherwise, the water particles that make up any cream simply crystallize in the pores, not having time to be absorbed, and the cream will not moisturize, but injure the face.

Step 3

Use special thermal sprays throughout the day. They can be sprayed directly onto makeup. At home, instead of a moisturizing tonic, use herbal teas. For dry and sensitive skin, these are chamomile, mint, sage.

Step 4

In the evening, the skin must be cleansed using a mixture of oatmeal and sour cream. This washing gently removes dirt, while moisturizing and nourishing.

Step 5

Before going to bed, on clean skin, apply a mask consisting of warmed vegetable oil mixed with honey and egg yolk. The mixture is kept for a quarter of an hour, after which it is washed off with warm water. If you pamper your face with such formulations at least a couple of times a week, then the appearance of the skin will be much better.

Step 6

At night, the regenerating processes in the skin are most active, therefore, moisturizing dry skin is combined here in a complex manner with nutrition. Apply a nourishing cream to your face and your daily self-care program is complete.