How To Moisturize Your Face Without Cream

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How To Moisturize Your Face Without Cream
How To Moisturize Your Face Without Cream

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The condition of the facial skin is extremely important for a woman, therefore it is necessary to take good care of her. You need to moisturize it enough to avoid dryness. Choosing a cream that is suitable for your skin type, effective, hypoallergenic and not very expensive is not an easy task, and with the help of the products that everyone has in the closet or refrigerator, you can achieve better results.

How to moisturize your face without cream
How to moisturize your face without cream

It is necessary

Oatmeal, eggs, honey, tomato juice, yogurt, cucumbers, cottage cheese


Step 1

If the skin is dry, nutritionists advise to include in the diet foods that contain vitamins A, D, F, C and E. The liver, milk, carrots, green onions, lettuce, tomatoes and butter are especially good for the functioning of the sebaceous glands. You should also drink 2 liters of still mineral water daily.

Step 2

Dermatologists recommend daily contrast washing (alternately with cold and warm water) without the use of soap. For the skin, it will be a kind of gymnastics. You should also use oils containing vitamins E and C as moisturizers. For the best effect, they should be applied to damp skin. After application, a face massage will come in handy, which you can do yourself.

Step 3

Nourish your skin once a week with a curd mask, this will keep its moisture level normal. Rub cottage cheese with sesame or olive oil, apply on face for 15 minutes, and then rinse with boiled warm water. Instead of oil, you can use honey, in which case the mask should be kept on the face for 30 minutes.

Step 4

Apply face masks twice a week that contain ingredients that can moisturize your skin. For example, oatmeal can help protect against dryness. Mix 1 cup of oatmeal with plain water. The mixture should turn into a thick paste. Then it should be applied on the face for just a couple of minutes, and then rinsed with water.

Step 5

Another good moisturizing mask is an egg mask. To prepare it, you need to beat 1 egg white and add as much ground oatmeal as needed to make a pasty mass. The mask should dry on the face, only then can it be washed off. This should be done first with warm water, and then with cool water. This will close the pores that have opened.

Step 6

Better than any moisturizer, honey face masks. Make a thick, sticky mass with a mixture of honey and tomato juice and apply it on face and neck for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Step 7

An excellent moisturizing facial that should be done from time to time is a cucumber mask. To make it, you need to turn half of a large cucumber into mashed potatoes and add 1 tablespoon to it. yogurt. The mask should be held on the face for half an hour, and then rinsed thoroughly.

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