Acne On The Bottom. How To Get Rid Of Discomfort?

Acne On The Bottom. How To Get Rid Of Discomfort?
Acne On The Bottom. How To Get Rid Of Discomfort?

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No one is immune from minor troubles such as the appearance of acne on the body. They can perform anywhere, even on the pope. Red dots cause discomfort and inconvenience, and also give a very unaesthetic appearance.

Acne on the bottom. How to get rid of discomfort?
Acne on the bottom. How to get rid of discomfort?

First of all, you need to find the root cause of the appearance of acne on the buttocks. It is worth considering that the skin in this area can be very sensitive. Therefore, a poor-quality composition of clothing or linen can provoke the appearance of acne. In this case, natural fabrics should be preferred. Pants that are very tight, close to the body, or clothes that are too warm can also provoke unpleasant breakouts. You need to be more careful about your wardrobe.

A sedentary lifestyle is also problematic. You cannot sit in one position for a long time until the legs are numb. This worsens the blood supply to the buttocks, metabolic processes become slower, which threatens not only the appearance of acne, but also cellulite.

If acne is large, rare and painful, then you should pay close attention to the composition of the food, its quality and balance. The daily diet must include vegetables, fruits, herbs, dairy products and fish. Fried, salted, smoked foods can worsen skin conditions and cause problems such as acne.

A daily shower with the use of detergents with neutral pH activity, regular change of underwear, the use of moisturizers and nourishing creams - all this contributes to the healthy state of the skin of the buttocks and the rapid drying of already popped acne.

If the rash is accompanied by itching and redness, then most likely it is an allergy. With such symptoms, you need to visit a dermatologist to be examined and identify the allergen.

When a pimple appears, it is tempting to squeeze it out and get rid of the problem in a matter of seconds. But when pressed, part of the abscess may not come out, but, on the contrary, will be driven deep under the skin or even into the blood. As a result, after a couple of days, several acne may appear not far from the squeezed one.

The most common remedy for acne is iodine. It is enough just to moisten a cotton swab and treat all the rashes. This should be done several times a day until the desired effect is achieved. You can apply Chlorhexidine or Salicylic Ointment in the same way. A similar procedure is done in a course of about 5 days - the product is applied to acne 3 times a day. Another remedy for purulent rashes - "Baziron", which is easily absorbed, does not dry the skin and effectively fights the problem.

You can try to dry pimples with toothpaste. It must be applied to the rash for no more than half an hour, and then thoroughly rinsed with water.

To treat pimples on the pope, you can take herbal baths. Chamomile, celandine, string are suitable for this. This method is also useful as a preventive measure. In a small basin with warm water, you need to add a glass of broth and lower the buttocks into it for 10-15 minutes. After taking such a bath, the body should be blotted with a soft towel. Herbs have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and do not dry out problem areas.

When acne appears, it is strictly forbidden to use scrubs or masks, irritating brushes and washcloths, anti-cellulite and alcohol-containing products. It is worth refraining from sunbathing and visiting the solarium.

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