How To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair

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How To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair
How To Get Rid Of Upper Lip Hair

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Sometimes women are worried about the problem of the so-called "mustache", namely the vegetation on the upper lip. There can be several reasons for this, in general, a phenomenon that is not typical for women: it is heredity, hormonal disruptions, and even just an ethnic predisposition. In fact, this problem occurs quite often, it is just that a woman grows a small antennae, it is sometimes difficult to guess, since there are many effective ways to combat this phenomenon! So how can you get rid of upper lip hair?

How to get rid of upper lip hair
How to get rid of upper lip hair


Step 1

Of course, if you have a lot of other related problems like increased hairiness on other hours of the body, an irregular cycle, acne and acne, then you should definitely visit an endocrinologist and take tests for the ratio of male and female hormones. In case of deviations found, the doctor will simply prescribe medication for you, which will correct the hormonal background, and the hair will stop growing by itself.

Step 2

The hair on the upper lip should never be shaved - this is, of course, the simplest method, but the consequences can be dire: the hairs will become coarse, coarse and may even darken! Moreover, they will grow several times faster.

Step 3

Depilatory cream, on the other hand, is a completely different matter. It kind of dissolves the hair, and it is very easy to remove it with a special sponge or spatula. There are a huge number of depilatory creams currently available, and you can find something for even the most sensitive and dry skin. Special creams for removing facial hair are also sold, however, if you do not find just one, just buy a regular depilatory cream for hypersensitive skin, with caring ingredients or oils.

Step 4

If you are not afraid of mild pain, then you can use wax. It is sold both in special thin strips and in cans for self-heating and cooking. What is more convenient is up to you, of course. Ready-made strips are convenient because the amount of wax is perfect, and DIY wax allows you to make strips of the right size. The wax pulls out the hair by the root, and they do not grow for a long time - about several weeks.

Step 5

To get rid of vegetation forever, contact special salons - there they will select sessions of photo or laser hair removal for you. There can be several sessions, depending on the degree of the problem and the reasons for the appearance of hair. So, if the reason lies in a hormonal imbalance, hair may appear again.

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