How To Grow Hair In A Short Time

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How To Grow Hair In A Short Time
How To Grow Hair In A Short Time
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Long and healthy hair that bewitches the eye - isn't this what women dream about? But it takes time to grow them. On average, the hair growth rate is 1-1.5 cm per month, but this is provided that the body has enough of all the nutrients.

How to grow hair in a short time
How to grow hair in a short time

It is necessary

  • -shampoo;
  • -balm;
  • -salt;
  • -soda;
  • -mustard;
  • - burdock, castor oil;
  • -massage;
  • -vitamins and minerals;
  • -masks


Step 1

Increasingly, you can find on store shelves products with the inscription "stimulates hair growth", this applies to both shampoos and balms. The composition of these products includes various additives of natural or synthetic origin, which penetrate into the root bulb and cause the division of hair scales, as a result of which growth is accelerated.

Step 2

The oils also improve hair regrowth. Apply burdock or castor oil to the scalp and keep a kind of mask for about 30-60 minutes, maybe a little longer. If your hair ends are also damaged, spread the oil along the entire length. Perform this procedure twice a week, and if desired, every other day.

Step 3

Massage your head with your fingertips or a special massager. You can also perform the following procedure: grab the hair at the very roots with your hands and squeeze it between your fingers, start tugging slightly, but be careful. This type of massage is contraindicated for hair loss.

Step 4

Some food additives such as mustard, salt, or baking soda also improve growth. But be careful, especially if you have sensitive skin. Salt or baking soda should be rubbed directly into the skin, then thoroughly rinse your head with any nourishing shampoo. Dry mustard can be added to both balm and shampoo. Mix a pinch of dry mustard with any conditioner and massage thoroughly into damp hair at the roots after applying the mixture. Rinse off with warm water.

Step 5

Take complex preparations of vitamins and minerals. If you decide to drink calcium, limit your intake of vitamins, otherwise allergic reactions are possible. It improves hair growth with fish oil, which is sold in pharmacies in capsule form. Accept it in accordance with the annotation.

Step 6

If you want to maximize hair growth, visit any salon in the city. There are professional masks that have the best effect on hair health and growth. But the procedure must be carried out at least twice a week, otherwise the effect will not follow, or it will be minimal.

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