How To Make Bubble Bath

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How To Make Bubble Bath
How To Make Bubble Bath
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Lying in gentle foam in the bath is a real pleasure. This is not only a relaxing procedure, but also very useful for healing the whole body. You can make airy foam either with improvised means or buy it in a store. There are a lot of options for getting it, but there are several of the most common ones.

How to make bubble bath
How to make bubble bath


Step 1

If you have bubble bath, add the dosage indicated on the package to the water and loosen it thoroughly. It is better to add a foaming agent when water is collected, air foam will work without your participation. If there is a hydromassage in the bathtub, turn it on, the foam will gradually churn into a large white cap.

Step 2

You can add regular shampoo to the water, or even better, baby shampoo. It is pointless to use shampoo with a conditioner-balm - the foam will turn out to be weak and will quickly fall off. It is also better to add the product while filling the bath with water. If the lather doesn't work out, you can whip it up when you start swimming.

Step 3

The shops have sea salt with foam - two in one. Add it in the same way and you can take water treatments with benefits for the body. Sea salt is very useful for the body, it removes toxins and toxins, and also has a general strengthening effect. True, the foam will not be very thick due to the salt.

Step 4

Alternatively, you can use regular shower gel. It foams well, and if whipped with your hands, it forms a thick, strong foam. Do not add too much product, the foam will start to leave the bath.

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