How To Order Cosmetics In

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How To Order Cosmetics In
How To Order Cosmetics In

Video: How To Order Cosmetics In

Video: How To Order Cosmetics In
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Every year it becomes more and more popular among people to make purchases from the comfort of their homes. This is helped by the Internet and numerous catalogs in print. Cosmetics are the most common product sold through catalogs. At the same time, the buyer saves time, and can also receive detailed advice on products of interest to him. But in order not to be upset when you receive a brand new lipstick or perfume, you need to know how to order cosmetics correctly.

How to order cosmetics
How to order cosmetics

It is necessary

  • - catalog
  • - trial samples of cosmetics


Step 1

Ask the person who offers you the catalog about when, where the company was founded, where the products are made, what components are used. Find out among your friends whether they have used the products of this company, what is their opinion about the quality of cosmetics. Find out how the order is delivered: after what time will you have the cosmetics, whether the consultant will bring it to you, or will you pick it up at a certain place; the order is accepted after prepayment or you pay for it after receiving.

Step 2

Often consultants give catalogs to their potential clients for a certain period of time so that they can familiarize themselves with the abundance of cosmetics that the company offers. The colorful pages sometimes fascinate the buyer so much that he overlooks a lot of useful information. Usually on the last page of the directory there are company contacts. Do not be lazy, go to the site to once again make sure of the integrity of the company. In addition, here you can see various signs that can tell us what components are included in cosmetics, what awards this company has, where the products are made, some companies accept active participation in charity. And also the contact information of the consultant is indicated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call him and find out everything.

Step 3

If you do not know which remedy is right for you or cannot choose one of the two, consult a consultant. Ask him to tell in detail about the action of this or that component, about the effect after use, about the use of this product at your age. You can also clarify the method of application, since improper use of a cosmetic product can often cause various troubles. If possible, also find out the composition of the product you like.

Step 4

The seller's task is to sell, and the buyer’s task is to make a good purchase. You can endlessly praise a cream that will help to cope with your problems, or a lipstick containing all kinds of ingredients that are useful for the lips. But, having given a lot of money for a product, women are often disappointed that an allergy has arisen or some other troubles have appeared after applying new cosmetics. Of course, the product can be returned back, but an unpleasant residue will still remain on the soul. To find out if this or that remedy is right for you, ask your consultant for a test sample.

If it is a cream, then first apply it to the inside of the elbow fold. If after two hours there are no changes in this area, then you can buy a whole jar of cream. The perfumery testers of cosmetic companies also present a wide range.

Test them before buying expensive perfumes. If two people use the same perfume, then each can smell differently. Therefore, before buying, apply a small amount of perfume on your wrist, and after a while evaluate the smell. Do not refuse if the consultant offers to conduct a master class on facial or hand care. So you can evaluate the action of the funds before buying. Perhaps creating a new look will prompt you to choose a completely different lipstick or eyeshadow.

Step 5

If you are confident in your choice, inform the consultant that you are ready to place an order. Most of the consultants have copybooks, one copy of the order form remains with you. This will allow you to check whether all the ordered products have been delivered, as well as the amount of the order. After specifying the delivery method, you already know when and where you will receive the coveted jars with fragrant products.