How To Nourish Your Skin

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How To Nourish Your Skin
How To Nourish Your Skin
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Proper skin care is the key to its youth and excellent condition. The skin needs to be cleansed and saturated with useful substances, and this applies not only to the face, but also to the whole body. With regular nutrition, it becomes firm and elastic and retains this condition for many years.

How to nourish your skin
How to nourish your skin


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Skin nutrition is its saturation with all the necessary microelements and vitamins. Therefore, first of all, your food should be healthy and balanced. You need to include fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, fish, meat, dairy products in your diet. Vitamins E and A, which are found in vegetable oils, carrots, oranges and other fruits, are very useful for the skin. The omega-3 fatty acids found in the fat of some fish, such as salmon, are also very beneficial for the skin. If it is not possible to regularly eat fish, then you can purchase fish oil in capsules.

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The best source of nutrition for the skin is water. All women know that it is simply necessary to consume about two liters of liquid per day. Water makes the skin firm and elastic.

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Also, the skin should receive nutrition from the outside. In modern cosmetology, there is a huge selection of nourishing creams and lotions. One important condition is the correct selection of products for your skin type and age. The use of inappropriate cosmetics can not only be of no benefit, but also cause harm. Nourishing face creams are best applied before going to bed, as it is at night that the skin regenerates more actively and assimilates all substances. However, it should be noted that such creams should not be applied to the skin in excess - it is better to apply a small amount on damp skin. The body must be periodically lubricated with nourishing lotions. In winter, you can use them every day.

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For professional skin care, you can go to the spa. For the procedures, they use products with natural substances that intensively nourish the skin, cleansing the body of toxins.

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Another way to intensively nourish the skin is through masks. They need to be done 1-2 times a week, not more often, since the skin can get used to frequent meals, and subsequently such masks will not have an effect. They should be applied to cleansed skin, it is good if it is steamed. After applying the mask, it is best to lie down and completely relax. Do not talk at this time or strain the muscles of the face, otherwise the remedy may simply not have the desired effect.

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