How To Hide A Mole

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How To Hide A Mole
How To Hide A Mole

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Sometimes a girl wants to get rid of a boring mole on her cheek or décolleté. It is scary to resort to surgery, and not all moles can be removed with a scalpel. Therefore, you can try to simply hide it with special means.

How to hide a mole
How to hide a mole


Step 1

Today, special camouflage cosmetics exist to mask significant skin defects, burn marks, and scars after undergoing surgeries. It is ideal for disguising a mole.

Step 2

First, cleanse your skin well. Use a cleanser, foam, or cosmetic milk. Apply to face, neck and décolleté, rub lightly and rinse gently. Refresh your face with tonic.

Step 3

Next, apply a concealer on a dry mole. It is better if it is a camouflage foundation with a thick consistency. It is much denser and heavier than simple decorative cosmetics. But, due to its specific structure, it does not cause any unpleasant sensations on the face.

Step 4

Apply camouflage with a brush or damp sponge, masking the mole and not smearing the product on other areas. Do not repeat strokes in the same place. The camouflage product is based on microcrystalline wax, so there is no need to apply it in several layers. The pigment, which is included in its composition, will ideally paint over the mole to match the skin color.

Step 5

Then touch up other minor skin imperfections with the concealer and cover the entire face with a regular foundation. Finish with a light layer of powder.

Step 6

If the mole is small and flat, then it can be hidden with any corrective product. Use a concealer, pencil, or cream with a brush. Keep in mind that a cosmetic pencil is much more difficult to shade, and you will have to try to properly sketch the mole. Better use a stick-shaped concealer. Apply over the foundation and cover with foundation powder.

Step 7

If the concealer contains medicinal additives, then it is better to apply it to clean skin, and only then tone the face.

Step 8

In the same way, you can hide a mole that is located on the shoulder or lower leg. In these places, concealers will be even less noticeable than on the face and neck.

Step 9

For this procedure you will need: a cleanser, a gel or foam, a tonic, a camouflage agent, a concealer, a sponge or a brush, a foundation and a foundation powder.

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