Depilation Or Epilation: Razor Versus Wax

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Depilation Or Epilation: Razor Versus Wax
Depilation Or Epilation: Razor Versus Wax

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Removing excess body hair is a problem facing modern women and men. Hair removal and depilation procedures have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Depilation or epilation: razor versus wax
Depilation or epilation: razor versus wax

Advantages and disadvantages of depilation

In the fight against excess hairs on the body, both depilation and epilation are currently used. Depilation removes only the upper part of the hair that protrudes above the skin. This method has advantages and disadvantages.

Depilation is the term used to remove hair with a razor or special chemical creams. Of course, this method is quite convenient and painless. Such procedures can be easily carried out at home. But many beauticians consider the use of a razor inappropriate.

When you shave your hair, it grows even more intensively. In addition, the sharp end of shaved hair can grow into the skin and cause inflammation. If you use a razor frequently, over time, the skin will harden and it will become more difficult for hairs to break through the outer layer of the epidermis. This can lead to the development of inflammatory elements on the body. To avoid all these problems, you need to use a scrub more often.

Using a razor is quite dangerous. Shaving can lead to cuts that take a long time to heal. The main disadvantage of this hair removal method is the short-term effect. The skin will remain smooth for only 1-2 days, after which you will need to pick up the razor again.

Depilatory cream allows you to get rid of body hair for about 1 week. But this tool has several disadvantages. It must be used very carefully, as non-observance of the instructions can lead to the formation of light chemical burns or cause serious irritation. The product has a rather unpleasant odor and can cause a burning sensation when applied to the body. This method of depilation is categorically contraindicated for people with sensitive skin, as well as for those who have abrasions and cuts on the treated areas of the body.

Advantages and disadvantages of hair removal

When carrying out epilation, it is possible to remove the hairs from the skin along with the bulb or destroy the bulb. The most common type of hair removal is waxing. This method is very effective and efficient.

Hot wax is sold in jars. Before use, such a product must be warmed up and then applied to the skin. Hair can be pulled off by applying and pulling fabric strips from the waxed skin. Cold wax has already been applied to the substrate under industrial conditions. The waxing procedure is quite painful, but effective.

The effect after such epilation lasts for several weeks. Unlike shaving, this hair removal method does not harm the skin or promote the growth of unwanted vegetation. After each epilation procedure, the hair will become thinner and slower to grow.

In addition to waxing, there is also laser hair removal, electrolysis and photoepilation. All of these methods are very effective, but they are also expensive. However, some of them are able to rid a person of excess hair once and for all in just a few procedures.

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