How To Use Wax Strips For Depilation

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How To Use Wax Strips For Depilation
How To Use Wax Strips For Depilation
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Removing unwanted body hair is a topic familiar to many girls. For a comfortable home carrying out of this not the most pleasant cosmetological procedure, there are many different ways - including wax depilation.

How to use wax strips for depilation
How to use wax strips for depilation

It is necessary

  • - wax strips for depilation
  • - special wipes for removing wax or vegetable oil
  • - moisturizing cream
  • - Body Scrub


Step 1

Choose depilatory strips from a good, trusted firm. You should not skimp on this procedure. Firstly, the pack will be enough for more than one time. And secondly, low-quality strips may not cope with the task or make it so difficult that you will no longer want to repeat the waxing procedure. Also pay attention to which area the stripes are for (this can be legs, face or bikini area). Read all instructions carefully.

Step 2

Prepare your skin for depilation. Wash it thoroughly and, if possible, treat it with a scrub some time before the procedure (only if your skin tolerates it well, without irritation).

Step 3

Prepare wax strips. Depending on which area requires depilation, you can use them whole (for example, on the legs) or cut them into smaller parts (for example, when depilating the area above the upper lip).

Step 4

Let's go directly to the depilation procedure. You should have at hand: strips, water (it will be convenient to carry out the procedure right in the bathroom), napkins for removing wax (if they are not there, you can use vegetable oil) and a towel.

Step 5

Warm the strip well in your palms, divide it into two parts and glue it to the depilation area. Smooth the strip over the skin. After that, with a sharp movement, tear off the strip against (this is mandatory!) The direction of hair growth, holding the skin with your free hand. The faster you do this, the higher the effectiveness of the procedure. Repeat if necessary (this is undesirable for sensitive skin).

Step 6

If the skin is red and painful, rinse with cold water. To remove the remaining wax on the skin, wipe it with a special napkin or treat with vegetable oil. Wash thoroughly with shower gel or mild soap. After that, be sure to lubricate the depilation area with moisturizer or special aftershave lotion.

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