How To Get Rid Of Scars With Folk Remedies

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How To Get Rid Of Scars With Folk Remedies
How To Get Rid Of Scars With Folk Remedies

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Almost any person experiences severe moral discomfort if there are defects on his skin. For example, ugly scars, scars that can be localized both on the face and on the back, chest, abdomen, limbs. Or scars that appear after the healing of wounds, burns. Many women who have given birth have stretch marks - characteristic thin stripes on the abdomen and sides. They can be barely noticeable, whitish, and rough, well distinguishable, with a dark color. Are there simple, inexpensive, "folk" methods to get rid of scars?

How to get rid of scars with folk remedies
How to get rid of scars with folk remedies

It is necessary

  • - mummy;
  • - baby cream;
  • - blue clay;
  • - honey;
  • - olive oil;
  • - aloe juice;
  • - cinnamon.


Step 1

Naturally, no one will be delighted with such a "decoration" as scars. If funds permit, use the help of cosmetic surgery. Experienced doctors will help you quickly get rid of such skin defects.

Step 2

To get rid of stretch marks, dissolve the mummy (1 gram) in a small amount of boiled water (about 1 teaspoon). Combine the resulting mixture with baby cream and mix thoroughly until a homogeneous substance is formed. Store in a cool, dark place. Lubricate the problem area with it daily. Carry out the treatment until the onset of a persistent effect, that is, complete disappearance or, at least, a significant reduction in scars. It should be noted that this remedy is effective only in the first period after childbirth, when the stretch marks have not yet "hardened".

Step 3

Scars and scars can be fought with blue clay because it contains a large amount of silicon, which promotes wound healing. Take some of this mixture, dilute it with warm boiled water to a semi-liquid state (like a pancake dough), and then apply it to the problem area. Then wait until the clay is completely dry and gently rinse with warm water. Treatment is also carried out daily, until a lasting effect occurs.

Step 4

Use also very simple "improvised" means, which can be purchased by anyone, even a modest income. Honey is quite effective in combating fresh scars. Apply it neat, but preferably in various mixtures. For example, some liquid honey plus the same amount of olive oil. Add a few drops of aloe juice if desired. Apply the mixture daily to the scars, after a while (15 to 30 minutes) rinse it off with warm water.

Step 5

There is another way to deal with scars. Mix a little liquid honey with cinnamon powder (approximate volume ratio 5: 1). Also apply to scars daily. After rinsing off the medicinal mixture, lubricate the skin with some kind of cream.

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