How To Clean Your Self-tanner

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How To Clean Your Self-tanner
How To Clean Your Self-tanner

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Self-tanning is a fast and versatile tanning product. Usually, it is not difficult to apply self-tanning, but it is not always possible to wash it off the palms or body in the event of an unsuccessfully selected color, the appearance of yellowness or an unnatural orange hue. How do I clean my self-tanner?

How to clean your self-tanner
How to clean your self-tanner


Step 1

The easiest way to get rid of self-tanning is to ignore it. Over time, the unwanted shade will go away. Shower often, rubbing well with a soapy washcloth and rinse off with plenty of water. Cheap products disappear from the skin in 3-7 days, expensive self-tanning products can last 2 weeks.

Step 2

If you want to quickly remove your tanning product, steam your skin. Namely, lie down for 30 minutes in a warm bath or visit the sauna. Then, apply a body scrub or exfoliation to the sponge and massage into your skin. Ground coffee or ground sea salt is perfect instead of a scrub. Usually it is possible to get rid of self-tanning completely in one procedure.

Step 3

Apply makeup removing milk or lotion to a cotton swab and scrub with a self-tanner. This mild, delicate remedy will gradually diminish the appearance of tanning and is suitable for problem skin. Alcohol-based make-up remover fights paint on the body more effectively.

Step 4

A powerful way to remove a quality self-tanner is with rubbing alcohol. Moisten a cotton pad with pure alcohol, rub gently on your skin. Be careful: alcohol is very dry to the skin. It is recommended to immediately apply the cream to the body.

Step 5

Dilute the freshly squeezed juice of one lemon with water in a 1: 1 ratio. Soak a cotton swab and use a self-tanner to rub over the skin. Shower after 15 minutes. Lubricate your skin with a nourishing cream. The tan should lighten significantly and become smoother and more natural.

Step 6

Table vinegar works like lemon juice. To get rid of self-tanning completely, do a few wipes throughout the day.

Step 7

Soak a cotton pad with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and wipe the skin with it. The effect is even greater than with vinegar or lemon. Remember to apply a nourishing lotion to your body after your procedure.

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