Preparing For Prom: 7 Steps To Perfect Skin

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Preparing For Prom: 7 Steps To Perfect Skin
Preparing For Prom: 7 Steps To Perfect Skin

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Many graduates choose to trust their face to the hand of a professional makeup artist. However, the makeup artist is far from a magician, and he is unlikely to be able to hide serious skin problems behind a thick layer of makeup. Take on just seven simple tips for a dazzling prom look.

Preparing for prom: 7 steps to perfect skin
Preparing for prom: 7 steps to perfect skin


Step 1

A couple of weeks before graduation, give up fatty, sweet, smoked meats and other foods rich in preservatives and dyes. Excessive consumption of such food will inevitably affect the condition of the skin. To avoid the appearance of acne before graduation, you should reconsider the diet at least for a while.

Step 2

The last trip to the solarium should be made a maximum of three days before the holiday. This is because ultraviolet rays provoke dehydration of the skin. As a result, it will shrink treacherously, and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes will become visible on it. This can happen even with very oily skin.

Step 3

Exfoliation is the key to smooth, radiant skin. Scrub or exfoliate five days before graduation. Perfect makeup is unthinkable without smooth skin.

Step 4

On the eve of prom, you should not use clay masks and other cosmetic products that have drying properties. After applying them, your skin will need time to heal rather than rest.

Step 5

If the “law of meanness” has worked and you have a pimple on your face in a couple of days, do not rush to squeeze it out! Just cauterize it by moistening a cotton swab with calendula tincture and applying it to the problem area. Squeezing out even a small pimple can provoke severe inflammation, which is sometimes difficult to mask with tonal means.

Step 6

On the last night before graduation, you should apply a moisturizing mask. It will not be superfluous for owners of all skin types. In the morning, your skin will literally glow!

Step 7

Night sleep is the time for active cell renewal and body recovery. This is the most affordable and versatile "elixir of youth". It is a sin not to take advantage of this on the eve of such an important event in your life. Therefore, try to go to bed early before graduation. The best option is up to 22 hours.

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