How To Remove Cannabis

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How To Remove Cannabis
How To Remove Cannabis

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Not all people enjoy the first spring sunbeams. The problem lies in a seemingly banal reason - some cannabis appear from the sun. These age spots give a lot of trouble to their owners, who are not happy about their appearance. You can get rid of freckles using all kinds of methods.

How to remove cannabis
How to remove cannabis


Step 1

Try to lighten the spots with special products. Consult a beautician for advice. The doctor will advise you professional creams and serums, for example, with citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, salicylic alcohol or mercury (it has nothing to do with thermometers). Use them on the recommendation of a specialist, you still cannot do this on your own.

Step 2

Rub the skin with parsley juice, cucumber, celery or lemon plastic - this will slightly whiten the pigmentation. But do not expect a quick result, it will appear no earlier than after 1 month of regular use.

Step 3

Use cosmetic creams with whitening effects, which are available in stores. They contain small doses of fruit acids, slightly whiten and refresh the skin.

Step 4

Wash your face with sour milk. Lactic acid has a slight whitening effect. Moisten problem areas with yogurt, and then rinse with warm water using a gel or body wash.

Step 5

Do a facial exfoliation at home. Take 50 g of honey and add the juice of half a lemon to it. Apply to skin and massage. Perform the procedure 2-3 times a week.

Step 6

Take dry yeast and dilute it with hydrogen peroxide (3%) until a consistency similar to thick sour cream is formed. Apply the mixture to your skin for 10 minutes. Do not perform this procedure too often, otherwise the skin will become dry and flaky.

Step 7

If you have the opportunity, then try to undergo a photorejuvenation procedure. As a result of exposure to a strong light source, melatonin is destroyed, and the cannabis disappears. Approximately the same result is observed after the laser - the pigmentation is discolored. The cost of the procedures is on average affordable, but there may be contraindications that the cosmetologist should warn you about.

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