How To Whiten A Scar

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How To Whiten A Scar
How To Whiten A Scar

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Scars almost always stand out due to elevation above the surface of the skin and discoloration - they can be red, pinkish, with a brownish tint. If a fresh scar is regularly exposed to the sun, it will become noticeable and rough.

How to whiten a scar
How to whiten a scar

It is necessary

  • - lemon juice;
  • - cucumber juice;
  • - cosmetic clay, bodyaga;
  • - nutmeg, honey.


Step 1

Wipe the surface of the altered skin with lemon juice - it contains lightening agents that whiten fabrics. Squeeze some lemon juice onto a cotton pad and rub the scar, do not rinse off the juice. Use fresh composition for each application.

Step 2

Cucumber juice has brightening properties, so you can use it as a compress. Grate a fresh cucumber, squeeze out the juice, saturate it with a gauze pad and apply to the scar.

Step 3

Use preparations containing body water. It can be powder or gel, but it should only be used with clay. Mix clay and badyagu in a ratio of 2: 0, 5, dilute with water to a pasty state, apply the composition to the scar and leave to dry. Such compresses should be repeated every other day for a week, alternating with rubbing the scar with salicylic acid. You can apply blue clay on your own by diluting it with water to the desired consistency. This method is suitable for lightening rough and old scars.

Step 4

Use absorbable creams and gels - "Kontratubex", "Mederma", etc. Long-term use of drugs will brighten the skin, but their effect is effective only with fresh scars. You can apply drugs to a special patch and thereby increase the duration of the effect of active substances.

Step 5

Use skin whitening creams - they should contain hydroquinone, koic acid, fruit acids. The dark marks will not fade right away and will require daily scars treatment for several months.

Step 6

Make nutmeg compresses - mix ground nutmeg and honey (1: 4), repeat the procedure every other day. It will take a long time to lighten the scar - from six months to a year. If the composition is too caustic, and the skin is sensitive, then it is recommended to alternate nutmeg applications and compresses with honey and milk (every other day).

Step 7

Some salon procedures, for example, laser skin resurfacing, help smooth the surface of the scar and remove sharp pigmentation - after a course of procedures, the scar will become lighter, almost invisible. The surface peeling procedure with fruit acids makes the difference between healthy skin and altered scar tissue imperceptible, while chemical peeling quickly whitens the scar.

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