How To Remove Stitches After Surgery

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How To Remove Stitches After Surgery
How To Remove Stitches After Surgery

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The easiest way to get rid of the scar left after the operation is with the help of cosmetic procedures. But, unfortunately, not every inhabitant of our country is able to afford it. Traditional medicine can help you make the scar less visible or remove it entirely.

How to remove stitches after surgery
How to remove stitches after surgery


Step 1

Fill a glass jar with freshly picked nettle leaves. They should take about two-thirds of the volume. Do not use plants that grow within the city. Use nettles that grow away from the highway. Pour the jar with alcohol or moonshine to the very top and close the lid tightly. Place in sunlight for two weeks and stir thoroughly daily with a wooden spoon. Apply the resulting mass to a dense fabric, preferably linen, and attach to the postoperative suture. Cover the top with plastic wrap and wrap with a cloth or bandage for reinforcement. Keep the compress for three hours. Continue the procedure 2 to 3 times daily until the scar resolves.

Step 2

Take 100 g of yellow beeswax and crush it thoroughly. Top up with any unrefined vegetable oil. Place in a water bath and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes. Use the resulting ointment hot, warming up in a water bath before use. Apply it to a linen napkin and apply to the scar. Keep until completely cooled. Throw away the used ointment. Reuse will be ineffective. Store the prepared ointment in a cool and dark place.

Step 3

Purchase bodyagi powder from the pharmacy. Dilute it with any unrefined vegetable oil to obtain a gruel. Apply the resulting mass to the place of your seam. Wait for the ointment to start absorbing and then bandage the scar. Do not rub it into the scar. Bodyaga has a rather tough structure and, rubbing it, you will damage the skin. And this by no means makes it easier to remove the scar. Do the compress daily 2 - 3 times. Do not rush to wash off the remnants of the ointment. If you notice redness of the skin after the procedures, stop the treatment.

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