How To Lighten Acne Spots

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How To Lighten Acne Spots
How To Lighten Acne Spots

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If the acne is not treated, but trying to squeeze out red, inflamed pimples, then rough scars and dark red-purple spots remain on the skin. You can get rid of pigmentation using home remedies or by taking a course of salon procedures.

How to lighten acne spots
How to lighten acne spots

It is necessary

  • - clay, rosemary essential oil, lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide;
  • - medical paraffin;
  • - cucumbers, lemons, tomatoes;
  • - tea tree oil.


Step 1

Make clay masks. Take a dry powder of any color, dilute with water to a semi-liquid state, add a couple of drops of essential rosemary oil and apply to the darkened areas of the skin. Lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide can be added to the clay instead of oil.

Step 2

Melt a piece of medical paraffin in a dish, dip a cotton swab in the mass and apply it on the spots left after acne. When the paraffin has hardened, remove it. The procedure enhances blood circulation and accelerates the resorption of subcutaneous hematomas and blemishes.

Step 3

Make vegetable and fruit whitening masks. Everyone knows the brightening properties of cucumber, lemon, tomato. You can use just the pulp or juice, but apply them strictly to the blemishes if you don't want to lighten other areas of the skin. Tomato pulp can be mixed with starch, whipped protein can be added to lemon juice, and cucumber mass can be used pure, without impurities.

Step 4

Lighten stains with essential oils. Tea tree oil is a good antiseptic and is used both to treat acne and to whiten the stains left behind. The substance is very concentrated, so apply it strictly to stains, try not to burn nearby tissues.

Step 5

Lubricate the stains with medications. Salicylic acid, badyaga, sledocil, skinoren and other preparations brighten the skin well, evening out the color and making reddish spots invisible. Use all products only after consulting a cosmetologist.

Step 6

Visit a beauty salon for whitening and skin-smoothing treatments. Superficial chemical (glycolic) peeling is based on the burning of the top layer of the skin with fruit acids. Cell renewal takes place, and all spots and irregularities of the skin disappear along with the falling off scales.

Laser skin resurfacing - the essence of the procedure is the same, that is, the removal of the old layer of skin. The laser beam acts on tissues, evaporating cells and stimulating collagen synthesis, as a result of which the integument is renewed.

Microdermabrasion - one of the options for skin resurfacing, has a similar effect and allows you to permanently get rid of spots after acne.

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