How To Look Good At 35

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How To Look Good At 35
How To Look Good At 35

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Women are intuitively afraid of the century-old turn of 30-35 years. It is believed that it is at this age that the first wrinkles, cellulite appear, and the irreversible aging process begins. However, careful care and a responsible approach to health will allow you to look 35 to 25.

How to look good at 35
How to look good at 35


Step 1

Comprehensive self-care includes proper nutrition, proper hydration of the skin and hair, as well as an active lifestyle, without which it is impossible to maintain a figure. Women who want to look younger than 35 need to know that the fight against the first signs of old age should be daily and continuous.

Step 2

Beauty starts from the inside, so a woman after 30 years has no right to forget about the drinking regimen. It is not enough to drink 2 liters of water per day, you need to do it right. You can not drink during and immediately after a meal, the last glass must be drunk at least 15 minutes before a meal, and then refrain from water for another 2 hours. You need to drink in small portions so as not to stretch the stomach.

Step 3

Those who dream of looking 10 years younger at 35 should forget about pastries, fried and smoked foods, and overeating. It is foolish to hope that you can get all the vitamins and minerals necessary for mature skin and hair from food. With age, their assimilation is impaired. Balanced complexes and dietary supplements will come to the rescue. In the diet of a woman over 35 years old, folic acid, iron, calcium, fiber, unsaturated Omega-3 acids and antioxidants, the most powerful of which is recognized as Astaxanthin, must be present.

Step 4

To look 35 to 25, you should give up harsh scrubs and replace them with fruit acids. It is also necessary to reduce skin contact with tap water by replacing it with cosmetic milk, oil, or bottled liquid.

Step 5

A woman's hair, like her skin, can tell a lot about her age. In addition to purchased shampoos and balms, homemade masks based on eggs, honey, yeast and mustard should be included in the treatment. By the way, mustard powder, due to its burning properties, does not allow the destruction of melanin and protects against premature gray hair.

Step 6

How to look under 35 without being able to go to the gym? It's very simple - use the slightest opportunity to move. Give up the elevator, do light gymnastics 2-3 times a day, walk more often and longer after work.

Step 7

Naturally, if a woman wants to look 10 years younger at 35, this should be reflected in her dressing style. It is most reasonable to give preference to the classics and vintage style - they never get old. Knee-length skirts, straight trousers, feminine dresses and blouses should become constant companions of a 35-year-old woman. But imitation of teenagers can play a cruel joke - skinny jeans, short tops and combat makeup, on the contrary, will add 5-10 years.

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