How To Mask Age Spots On Your Face

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How To Mask Age Spots On Your Face
How To Mask Age Spots On Your Face

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Pigmentation on the face can easily ruin anyone's mood. But there will be no special reasons for worrying if you know how you can hide small defects with the help of cosmetics. Most people think that just powder or foundation is enough for this, but this is not entirely true. Indeed, today there are a large number of corrective agents that allow you to hide the main skin imperfections, which are used to achieve a greater effect before applying tone and powder.

How to mask age spots on your face
How to mask age spots on your face


Step 1

Concealers include creams, pencils, gels, concealers, and correctors. The difference between a concealer and a concealer is not so great, to a greater extent it is conditional, since concealers of different colors are called concealers, and body concealers remain concealers. All means that are usually used for camouflage should be selected, taking into account the type of skin.

Step 2

If the skin is very dry, then it is better to use liquid textures. And for oily skin, thicker concealers in the form of pencils are suitable, as they last much longer and better apply "pinpoint hits" to age spots.

Step 3

All concealers differ only in color - they can be blue, white, brown or even orange. But they are all made exclusively to mask defects.

Step 4

It may seem strange to many people that to mask pigmentation it is better to use a blue product or a light flesh-colored concealer, which has a bluish tint, which in turn neutralizes the brown color of the spots.

Step 5

For dark brown freckles, it is best to use a white concealer or a light color pencil. On top of the pencil, it is necessary to apply a tone with a minimum content of fatty substances. Otherwise, your makeup will float from the warmth of your own skin.

Step 6

If the number of spots is large or very small, you can even out the skin tone with a purple corrector. To do this, it is better to apply it to the skin with a sponge. In this case, it is important not to paint over a scattering of brown spots, but simply to interrupt their color. After that, you should apply a tonal foundation, and at the end, powder your face with a transparent powder with a tan tint.

Step 7

In order to mask white spots, a dark corrector is needed. But be careful, it should be applied so that the product does not fall outside the stain.

Step 8

If yellowish spots appear, you can safely use a lilac corrector.

Step 9

It should be noted that in order for the masking of age spots to be invisible and beautiful, it is worth remembering a few common rules: it is better to apply the products on dry, cleansed skin with your fingers or a latex sponge; after application, remove all excess with a napkin; after masking the problem area of ​​the skin, it is necessary to apply a foundation or powder to the face; when applying foundation, you need to act very carefully so as not to damage the masking layer.

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