How To Hide A Tattoo

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How To Hide A Tattoo
How To Hide A Tattoo

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In adolescence, succumbing to a riot of hormones that forced them to protest with the adult world and prove their independence, many get tattoos without thinking that it is for life. Recently, people with tattoos are not hired to serve in law enforcement agencies, in some branches of the military, and even in regular work. The question arises about concealment and a more radical method - the removal of art on the skin.

How to hide a tattoo
How to hide a tattoo


Step 1

It happens that a tattoo needs to be hidden literally for the evening or for an hour or two. Different situations can contribute to this. For example, meeting the parents of your significant other; interview in a serious company; a business meeting or any event at which a "pattern" on your skin, peeping out from under an evening dress, will look inappropriate. In this case, only temporary masking will be necessary. Depending on the size of the pattern on the body and the location, you can hide it in different ways.

Step 2

If the tattoo is on the neck, collarbone or shoulder blades, and your outfit opens up your back, you should pay great attention to your hairstyle. Make sure to loosen your hair. If it's a festive evening, then roll up your curls to create a more formal look. If the existing hair length is not enough for masking, you can use artificial strands with snaps. Be careful and constantly monitor your curls - they should hide the tattoo from others.

Step 3

The surest way to hide the pattern on your skin is to choose the right clothes. It should be closed exactly in those places where the tattoo is located. You can also use additional accessories. Even on the hands, if the "pattern" is located exactly there, you can put on gloves. And in the area of ​​the wrists, the pattern can be easily disguised with massive bracelets. A tattoo on the neck can be hidden not only with hair, as mentioned above, but also with a light scarf or a beautifully tied scarf. Another thing is that the outfit should correspond to the situation and be according to the weather.

Step 4

Another method of temporary masking involves the use of a foundation from a cosmetic bag. This method is suitable for areas of skin that are not in contact with clothing, otherwise the foundation may remain on the fabric. You will need a degreasing toner, concealer, lipstick and loose powder brushes, a makeup sponge, foundation and powder. First, wipe the tattoo with a tonic, then apply a concealer of the same tone as the skin. This is best done with a brush. Use a damp sponge to blend the edges of the stain. The foundation is evenly applied on top. The final touch is to powder the masked area.

Step 5

Getting rid of a tattoo forever is much more difficult. A highly qualified specialist is required, the conditions of the clinic, and after the operation, certain restrictions will have to be observed. In addition, the procedures are not painful, not cheap and do not guarantee a 100% result. And as for any surgical intervention, there are contraindications. One of the most famous methods of tattooing is the so-called camouflage - applying flesh-colored paint over the old contours of the pattern. The procedure is suitable for small tattoos.

Step 6

The classic way to reduce the pattern is the excision of a skin area. One session is enough to say goodbye to a tattoo, but scars remain after such a procedure. Another option is cryosurgery. The drawing is displayed using liquid nitrogen. The procedure is popular but painful and time-consuming. With electrocoagulation, the pattern is cauterized with a high-frequency current. There is a chance of getting a skin burn during the procedure.The scars on the skin will remain, but with the use of special creams and ointments, they can be significantly reduced. Skin resurfacing is another way to remove a tattoo. It requires 2-3 sessions, and healing takes several months. To avoid visible scars on the skin, you should contact only trusted professionals.

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