How To Deal With Acne

How To Deal With Acne
How To Deal With Acne

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Previously, doctors believed that acne was caused by bacteria that entered the pores of the skin, and prescribed antibiotics. But, according to numerous studies, this judgment has been refuted. Besides, antibiotics are not very good for the liver. Today, doctors have completely abandoned antibiotics.

How to deal with acne?
How to deal with acne?

In adolescence, acne (acne) appears when puberty begins. Pink pimples form later. Usually acne appears in the area of ​​the wings of the nose, pours out on the chin, and covers the forehead and center of the face.

There are several reasons for this:

- stomach problems or intestinal disorder;

- inappropriate nutrition (the body lacks vitamins and minerals).

Middle-aged women may also develop a rash during menopause. Sometimes the body of women does not accept contraceptives well and reacts in the form of acne. If the skin is prone to inflammation, then you should not irritate it with unsuitable lotions, ointments. Only a dermatologist can prescribe the right course of treatment and the right ointment for you.

Small acne can develop into an unpleasant disease - dermatitis. The main symptoms are the appearance of small capillaries, redness, spots or even blisters on the skin. Pustules and red acne may appear. Before starting treatment, you need to find out what are the causes of the occurrence. Or maybe a person is allergic to some drug or product?

The most effective treatment may be with drugs based on retinoic acid. This treatment can help, but there may be side effects such as headaches, eye irritation, high cholesterol, and so on. Before taking any medication, you must undergo a complete examination. Retinoic acid can be found in some creams and ointments.

If the patient has dermatitis, then peeling is undesirable.

Micro-peels can be done to disinfect the skin and release the follicles from the contents.

In some cases, laser therapy can be used, in which the skin is disinfected and cleansed, while the risk of scarring is reduced.

If you notice acne on your face, go to a dermatologist right away. It is he who will prescribe all the necessary procedures. Do not delay and start treatment as soon as possible.

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