Calendula - Find For Daily Skin Care

Calendula - Find For Daily Skin Care
Calendula - Find For Daily Skin Care

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Every summer, in almost all gardens, you can see bright and positive shades of calendula. Thanks to the incredible color that brings only positive emotions, they are popularly called "little suns". This gave rise to the legend of the sun, which dropped a gold coin, which, when it touched the ground, became a calendula flower. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, calendula also pleases us with useful properties that are successfully used in medicine and in the struggle for beauty.

Calendula - a godsend for daily skin care
Calendula - a godsend for daily skin care

The "little sun" blooms from early summer to late autumn. This means that for 4 months you can use a freshly harvested plant, from which you can get great benefits for the beauty of the body. Here are some simple guidelines for regular use:

Step-by-step facial treatment

Purification. 10-15 flowers of the plant are poured with 2 glasses of milk and brought to a boil. The resulting lotion is cooled and filtered. Antiseptic properties allow not only to effectively cleanse the face, but also are a good prevention against irritation and acne.

Toning. Cleansing leads to a violation of the natural acidity of the skin; toning helps to restore it. 3 ingredients are taken: calendula flowers, green tea and medicinal chamomile (1 tablespoon each). A mixture of herbs is poured into 200 ml. water and boiled for 5-7 minutes. The result is an excellent toner that quickly and effectively soothes irritated skin.

Mask. To make a soothing and nourishing mask, you first need to prepare an infusion. A large spoonful of calendula flowers is poured into 100 ml. boiling water and infused for 30 minutes. Starch is added to the resulting infusion until a jelly-like mass is obtained. The mask should be kept for 15-20 minutes.

Cream. To prepare the cream, you need to finely, to a powder state, grind oatmeal and dry calendula flowers. The resulting mixture is steamed in boiling water, so that a not dense creamy mass is obtained. All ingredients are taken in 1 tbsp. l.

Calendula is a real find for those whose skin is prone to oily content, which means all kinds of rashes on the face. All thanks to carotenoids, which contribute to the formation of vitamin A, a powerful assistant in the fight against inflammation. Regular use of calendula in body care also contributes to the appearance of a richer and deeper skin tone.

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