How To Restore Skin After Peeling

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How To Restore Skin After Peeling
How To Restore Skin After Peeling

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Peels differ in the depth of their effect on the tissues, and each of them represents damage to the skin. The skin after peeling is red, flakes and may swell a little. After the procedure, all the recommendations of the cosmetologist should be followed exactly.

How to restore skin after peeling
How to restore skin after peeling


Step 1

Keep your skin hydrated. In the evening after the procedure, it is recommended not to wash your face, as the skin may be covered with a thin film of the regenerating agent. You can only wash your face in the morning using a mild gel or soap. Remember to apply a moisturizing gel to your skin right away. If it is badly damaged, then wash your face with boiled water with the addition of a small amount of lemon juice. Do not rub your skin with your fingers. Wash your face several times with thermal water during the day.

Step 2

In the first days after the procedure, it is important to provide conditions favorable for relieving edema - strengthening the walls of blood vessels and improving blood circulation, and taking anti-inflammatory measures. It is best to use plant-based gels during this period, consisting of green tea extract, calendula, licorice, rosemary, hawthorn, linden, cornflower, etc. Fatty oil components prevent itching and a feeling of tissue constriction.

Step 3

Try not to strain your facial muscles once again, as the skin after peeling is very dehydrated and can easily crack. Eat mashed food and drink liquid through a straw.

Step 4

Do not remove loose skin. If the flaps are getting in your way, carefully trim them with nail scissors, but do not rip them off.

Step 5

Protect your skin from the sun - even if you are peeling in the autumn-winter time, when the activity of the sun's rays is low, it is necessary to protect the renewed skin with a day cream with a high degree of protection.

Step 6

Avoid traumatic effects in the post-peeling period - do not do physiotherapy procedures, cleaning, do not use scrubs. If there are traces of herpes on the face, then take antiviral drugs by mouth and do not use the ointment topically.

Step 7

Apply creams and gels containing hyaluronic acid, dexapanthenol, aloe vera and other ingredients to your skin that can soften and restore tissue structure. Moisturizing components are sodium and calcium ions, amino acids, urea. When dryness and tightness appear, the skin begins to peel off, then you should start using creams with shea butter, phospholipids, retinol and antioxidants - such formulations have a regenerating and regenerating effect.

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