How To Stop Skin Aging

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How To Stop Skin Aging
How To Stop Skin Aging

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The skin, like the entire human body, ages over the years. In the process of aging, its appearance and structure change. It becomes thinner, firmness and elasticity decrease. With age, small wrinkles appear, over time, their depth increases. The most noticeable age-related changes on the skin of the face - by the age of 40, the eyelids are slightly deformed, the oval of the face changes, frontal wrinkles are formed and the nasolabial folds are aggravated. Are there ways to stop skin aging?

How to stop skin aging
How to stop skin aging


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It is impossible to completely stop these processes, but there are ways to slow down the aging of the skin. Start using anti-aging cosmetics before the time to fix everything is lost. Correct and timely care allows the skin to maximally neutralize the negative effects of diseases, stress, adverse weather conditions. If you are still young, start monitoring your skin today, cleanse and moisturize it in time, and protect it from the sun as much as possible. At a more mature age, buy cosmetics that are suitable for your skin type and age. These products are more expensive because they use ingredients that prevent skin aging and smooth wrinkles.

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In addition, doctors are unanimous in their opinion: if a person abuses alcohol, smokes, overeats and sleeps little, it is useless for him to take care of his skin. These negative factors are rapidly and irrevocably destroying it. In this case, you can either wave your hand at yourself, or lie under the surgeon's scalpel. But the latter is no longer a way to stop aging, but a means of correcting irreversible processes, effective only for a short period of time, if a person does not change his lifestyle.

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An unbalanced diet contributes to skin aging. Avoid processed foods, convenience foods, "fast" food. Sausages, dumplings, fried, smoked, sausages will not benefit not only the skin, but also the body as a whole. White flour and sugar completely reduce the elasticity of the skin. Collagen levels go to zero and wrinkles appear. Drink juices, compotes, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals and natural products prepared at home. By the way, green tea contains antioxidants that neutralize the action of free radicals, and this, in turn, greatly slows down the aging process of the skin and the body.

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Control your anger and try not to get upset or overworked. It is during stress that a substance called histamine is produced in the body. It is responsible for inflammation and is capable of destroying skin cells from the inside. Have fun and have a sense of humor. Laughter very quickly lowers the stress hormone cortisol. And this prolongs the smoothness, elasticity and youthfulness of your skin for years to come.

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