How To Achieve Beautiful Skin

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How To Achieve Beautiful Skin
How To Achieve Beautiful Skin

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Beautiful, smooth, clear skin attracts attention and serves as an indicator of health. If a woman believes that the condition of her face is impeccable, then she feels much more confident. In order to achieve perfect skin, you need to constantly look after it and do it right.

How to achieve beautiful skin
How to achieve beautiful skin


Step 1

Do not wash your face with tap water. It contains many impurities that are not good for your skin. The salts contained in the water, remaining on the face after the water procedure, dry out the skin. Better to use thermal water or filtered water.

Step 2

Choose cosmetics according to your skin type. With the wrong selection, you will not avoid irritation. Try to purchase those products that contain retinol.

Step 3

Opt for exfoliating scrubs that contain synthetic abrasives. Their edges are smoothed and when used, they do not injure the skin. For dry skin, use fine particle scrubs. For oily and mixed - scrubs containing salicylic or glycolic acid.

Step 4

If you smoke, quit the habit. At least in order to make the skin of the face beautiful. Smoking gives the skin an earthy hue, and this is not very aesthetically overcrowded. Do not get carried away by sunbathing or visiting a solarium. Use sunscreen. If you are constantly suffering from acne breakouts, reduce the amount of sugar you consume. Everything you eat is reflected on your face. And the excess sugar in the body creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of bacteria.

Step 5

Cleanse your skin at least twice a day. Nourish and moisturize it daily. Return the skin to a healthy look and pleasant color and frequent walks in the fresh air. As soon as you wake up, wipe your face with a piece of ice to help tighten pores.

Step 6

Make sure to do masks once a week. You can use ready-made, purchased in cosmetic stores or use folk recipes. For dry skin, use fruits mixed with honey, cream, sour cream or yolk in the masks. For oily skin, masks made from sour milk and whipped proteins are better suited. When applying to the skin, remember that almost all masks prepared with your own hands are recommended to be kept on the face for at least 20 minutes.

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