How To Use Glycerin For Cosmetic Purposes At Home

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How To Use Glycerin For Cosmetic Purposes At Home
How To Use Glycerin For Cosmetic Purposes At Home

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Glycerin is found in many cosmetics as an emollient and moisturizer, but its beauty lies in the fact that this substance can be easily purchased at the pharmacy. This allows the use of glycerin in cosmetology at home.

How to use glycerin for cosmetic purposes at home
How to use glycerin for cosmetic purposes at home

Useful properties of glycerin for the skin

There are two diametrically opposed opinions about how glycerin is good for the skin. According to one of them, it moisturizes the skin, creating an invisible film on it and retaining moisture in the cells. But the second in this property to retain moisture is the insidiousness of glycerin: if there is enough of it in the air, then it will absorb microscopic particles of water and keep them on the surface of the skin, creating a feeling of freshness. But in the event that the surrounding air is dry, then glycerin will create a moist film on the surface of the face from the internal reserves of the skin, drawing moisture from the cells and drying it out. But while the debate about the benefits and dangers of liquid glycerin in cosmetology continues, cosmetics manufacturers continue to actively use it, rightly considering it a much cheaper component than, for example, hyaluronic acid, which has similar properties.

The usual form of glycerin is liquid. But a comparative novelty is glycerin in bars, which has similar properties, which is used in soap making.

The use of glycerin in cosmetology

It is used at home both as part of masks and creams, and in its pure form. If you regularly rub your skin with a sponge soaked in glycerin, you can reduce inflammation and accelerate skin regeneration, therefore glycerin is useful for both damaged skin and skin prone to aging. Also, on the basis of glycerin, you can make a lotion that can be used for any type of skin. The basic component of such a lotion is a decoction of the most suitable herbs, per 100 g of which a teaspoon of glycerin is added. For example, for skin prone to inflammation, a decoction of calendula is suitable, a decoction of chamomile will soothe oily skin, and a decoction of mint is good for dry skin. The only drawback of such lotions is that they do not last long, so every two days (if stored in the refrigerator) you will have to make a new portion.

The composition of face masks with glycerin can be no less varied. A universal recipe for all skin types is a mixture of equal parts honey, glycerin and mineral water. It is necessary to wash off such a mask a quarter of an hour after application.

Do not be afraid of the sticky feeling of your skin after using home remedies using glycerin. This feeling goes away after a few minutes, as the glycerin is easily absorbed.

Other uses for glycerin

With the goal of helping the skin retain moisture, cosmetic glycerin can be used not only in lotions, creams or masks. The easiest way to preserve the beauty of the skin of your hands is to make glycerin soap, for which glycerin in bars is melted in a water bath, essential oils and other substances are added to it, which improve the quality of the final product.

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