A Fly In The Ointment For The Skin

A Fly In The Ointment For The Skin
A Fly In The Ointment For The Skin

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Tar soap is very suitable for cleansing the skin. Even cosmetologists, when contacting them with complaints about the appearance of a scattering of pimples, are advised to use such a soap. The range of applications for this soap is extremely wide. At first, it may seem that tar soap resembles laundry soap. But this is not true.

Tar soap
Tar soap

Tar soap contains birch tar. This component has antiseptic properties, accelerates the healing process. By the way, tar is added to pharmaceutical ointments in order to have a wound healing effect.

How and where is it used?

1. Tar soap is a good helper for various problems: it gets rid of blackheads, reduces acne, is a good prevention against the threat of acne and blockage of the sebaceous glands. Has a drying effect when applied to purulent eruptions.

2. It will bring a tangible positive effect on various skin diseases. Doctors advise to use it for patients suffering from psoriasis, shingles and dermatitis. It reduces the manifestation of these ailments, reduces itching and irritation.

3. It is useful for burns, frostbite, bedsores at the healing stage.

4. Soap can also be used as a hair wash. It strengthens the hair, improves its structure, makes the hair shiny, the hair begins to grow more intensively, the likelihood of dandruff and excessive oiliness decreases.

How to apply correctly?

Tar soap is used for face care every day. In the morning, instead of washing your face, lather up the soap and wash your face. After a couple of weeks of its application, the skin condition becomes healthier, all the troubles on the face disappear. But with dry skin, you can wash your face using tar soap no more than once a day. After washing, remove moisture with a soft towel and apply cream to your face to avoid dry skin.

When using tar soap as a hair care product, follow these simple guidelines. Do not rinse off soap with hot water, only cool water. Because after applying hot water, plaque can remain on the hair. For correct use, it is necessary to foam the soap in your hands, and then apply the resulting mass to the hair. After lathering your hair, let it sit on your hair for five minutes and then rinse it off.

Do not use soap all the time, as this can dry out your skin unnecessarily. To get rid of the unpleasant odor after using soap, rinse your hair with water, after adding lemon juice or vinegar to it. You can also use a regular conditioner.

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