Hands - The Business Card Of A Woman

Hands - The Business Card Of A Woman
Hands - The Business Card Of A Woman

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All women of fashion love to look stylish, take care of their appearance. But the main secret lies in hand care. Indeed, very often people pay attention to the opponent's hands. How to properly care?

Hands - the business card of a woman
Hands - the business card of a woman

It is necessary to take care of your hands as well as your face. Not only the face, but also the hands are the hallmarks of women. It is a little harder to care for the skin of the hands than for other parts of the body, since they are subject to various influences: cold, heat, processing of chemicals. Over time, the skin of the hands becomes rough, wrinkled and the nails begin to exfoliate. In order to prevent the unpleasant effects of external factors and make the skin more tender, elastic and soft, systematic daily care is necessary.

In this article, I would like to focus on the care with folk remedies:

1. After washing the dishes without gloves, as well as washing, dip your hands in lemon juice, or if there is no lemon, dilute a little citric acid.

2. If suddenly the skin of your hands began to fade, then a mustard bath will help. It is necessary to dilute one teaspoon of dry mustard powder per liter of water. Baths should be contrasting. Before and after baths, you need to apply a very greasy cream to your hands and rub in with massage movements.

3. If you encounter a problem of dry hands or cracks, then immerse your hand in warm vegetable oil. This procedure should be done once a week. Your hands and nails will be thankful.

4. The problem of brittle nails can be solved with oil baths, if you add a few drops of iodine.

5. Baths made from infusions of various herbs help to follow the hands very well: linden, sage, chamomile. One tablespoon is diluted per liter of hot water.

6. If you have rough skin, then you need to dip your hands in a solution of glycerin and chicken eggs at the rate of 2: 1.

7. If your hands are red from the cold, then you need to keep your hands in the water and alternate between cold and hot. This procedure must be repeated for a quarter of an hour.

8. If your hands are very sweaty, then a bath with table salt at the rate of 1 tsp will help. for 1 liter of warm water.

9. If you want to lighten your hands, then use lemon juice. This tool is considered to be one of the most effective.

Remember that the beauty of your pens depends primarily on the well-groomed nails. Spend 15 minutes of your time and your pens will surely pay you back twice.

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