How To Reduce Epilation Pain

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How To Reduce Epilation Pain
How To Reduce Epilation Pain

Video: How To Reduce Epilation Pain

Video: How To Reduce Epilation Pain
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Epilation is a rather painful process. There are a number of effective techniques to help reduce pain that occurs during this procedure.

How to reduce epilation pain
How to reduce epilation pain

It is necessary

wax strips or electric epilator, clean towel, anesthetic cream, pieces of ice


Step 1

Epilate on specific days of your cycle. The pain threshold in women becomes higher 10 days after the end of menstruation. In the second half of the cycle, you will endure the procedure much worse. It is not recommended to epilate during menstruation.

Step 2

Take a hot bath 30 minutes before epilation. Steaming the skin makes it much easier to remove unwanted hair. If you are performing the procedure in the salon, you can ask if it is possible to steam separate parts of the body directly in the beauty parlor.

Step 3

Before removing hair, wipe your skin with an ice cube or a towel dipped in cold water. Do not use this technique to epilate your bikini. In this case, cooling can provoke serious inflammatory diseases.

Step 4

Use special pain-relieving creams to treat your skin whenever possible. These products usually contain lidocoin. You can buy them at the pharmacy. Modern beauty salons use this method of pain relief if a client complains of a low pain threshold.

Step 5

Scrub your feet shortly before epilating. Exfoliating the dead skin around the hair follicles will make it easier to extract the hair, making the process less painful. Use moisturizing cosmetics. Softening the skin also makes it easier to remove unwanted hair.

Step 6

Take an anesthetic tablet 15 minutes before epilation if you experience extreme pain during hair removal. Do not use analgin for these purposes. Contrary to popular belief, coffee and alcohol will not help relieve pain. Drinking these drinks can only increase the sensitivity of the skin.

Step 7

If you are hesitant to take a pain-relieving pill before your procedure, drink a glass of alkaline mineral water. A decrease in the general acidity of the body leads to a decrease in the sensitivity of the skin.

Step 8

When planning to do hair removal in the salon, choose only a qualified master. Competent specialists know which wax to choose, how to properly apply it to the skin, how to remove hair itself. The degree of painlessness of the procedure depends on their skill.