Why Japanese Women Have Such Skin

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Why Japanese Women Have Such Skin
Why Japanese Women Have Such Skin

Video: Why Japanese Women Have Such Skin

Video: Why Japanese Women Have Such Skin
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When people talk about the beauty of Japanese women, they usually mean their delicate porcelain skin in the first place. There are many beauty secrets for women in the land of the rising sun. Thanks to special care, Japanese women preserve not only youthful skin, but also slimness and well-being until old age.

Why Japanese women have such skin
Why Japanese women have such skin


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The first secret of youthful skin is proper nutrition. Eastern women have a more measured life than European women, so Japanese women never eat on the go. Breakfast is the main meal in the land of the rising sun. A Japanese woman has a lot of dishes on the table in the morning - sometimes up to 10. It is obligatory - green tea, boiled rice, tofu, soup, vegetables and fruits. Each portion is very small, but in general, such a breakfast saturates the body, replenishes the reserves of all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

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Products in Japan are used only the freshest, without admitting either freezing or preservation. Fruits and vegetables - straight from the garden, fish - only from the sea. The heat treatment of dishes is minimal, even they eat fish almost raw - so there are more vitamins, and less time is spent on cooking. The Japanese women’s meal itself is a whole ritual. They eat slowly, carefully chewing each bite, since they adhere to the principle: you chew a hundred times, you live for a hundred years.

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What are the most beneficial Japanese products for skin beauty? Fresh fish is a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which have a strong antioxidant effect on the whole body. Rice and soy are sources of complex carbohydrates, they give the body energy and the most important B vitamins. The usual dessert for Japanese women is marmalade and jelly. In the preparation of these delicacies, seaweed is used - a source of iodine and other essential trace elements. Japanese women drink green tea, which perfectly removes toxins and cleanses the body.

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The second secret is quality cosmetics. Japanese cosmetics are not widely known, but women who try them often fall in love with these creams and masks for life. The main secret of these cosmetics is the special ingredients. For example, camellia oil, which contains proteins and oleic acid, perfectly nourishes and smoothes the skin. This component is added to lotions and creams, used for masks and baths. Often added to cosmetics and kaolin - it cleanses the skin, tightens pores and reduces the release of oil.

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Another common ingredient in Japanese cosmetics is green tea. It tightens pores, tones the skin and has a lifting effect. Japanese women make the simplest but most effective mask from green tea. If you want to try its effect on yourself - brew green tea 3 times stronger than for drinking, soak gauze with it and apply it on your face for 5 minutes - hold until the mask cools down. You can repeat this procedure every day.

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The next important ingredient in cosmetics is rice flour. It nourishes the skin well, smoothes wrinkles. At home, Japanese women dilute rice flour with green tea or herbal decoctions, and then apply the resulting mass to the face. Before applying the mask, you can wipe the skin with olive oil, then the effect of the procedure will be more pronounced.

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An important secret of Japanese cosmetics is exotic additives. Pearl and silk proteins, extracts from shark cartilage, shark liver, placenta, extracts of coral and various algae, gold - all these components have a powerful healing and rejuvenating effect.

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Every morning Japanese women use cosmetics and do facial massage - shiatsu, stone massage or acupressure. All these procedures in the complex keep the skin of Japanese women young for many years.