Why Do Birthmarks Appear

Why Do Birthmarks Appear
Why Do Birthmarks Appear

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Birthmarks, nevi, in medical terms, are flat and convex, can have different shapes and sizes. Such spots appear due to abnormal development of body tissues. As a rule, nevus appears on the skin, but it also happens that they appear on the mucous membranes. On average, a person can have anywhere from twenty to one hundred birthmarks. During life, their number, as well as their shape and color, can change.

Pochemu pojavljajutsja rodimye pjatna
Pochemu pojavljajutsja rodimye pjatna

Moles on the human body cause an ambiguous reaction. They decorate someone, being a kind of zest. Someone is disfigured, especially when they appear on the face and are of considerable size.

If you want to get rid of birthmarks on your body, then you first need to be examined by a doctor. This is due to the fact that the appearance of a nevus may be a reaction to the processes taking place in the body. It is possible that this is only a cosmetic effect and nothing terrible will happen during removal, but the doctor will be able to tell you this after examining the body.

Reasons for the appearance of birthmarks

  • Birthmarks often appear under the influence of hormones. During hormonal surges in the body, melanin is produced in large quantities. It affects pigmentation and spots appear on the body.
  • The reason for the surge in hormones can be the transitional age in children. Due to the "play of hormones" during this period, birthmarks can both appear and disappear. It is also normal for a teenager's moles to change shape and size.
  • For the same reason, when hormones are to blame for the appearance of moles, birthmarks appear during pregnancy.
  • The appearance of moles in a person is often hereditary. We receive DNA from our parents and grandparents, and the information embedded in them can be reflected in us. Often siblings have birthmarks in the same places.
  • A nevus can appear on the skin after sunbathing. Solar radiation has a beneficial effect on the production of melanin, due to which birthmarks appear. For the same reason, do not be surprised if skin pigmentation intensifies after a tanning bed.
  • The reason for the appearance of a mole on the human body may be past illnesses. Various injuries, viruses, insect bites can leave their mark on the skin.

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