Self-massage Of The Face

Self-massage Of The Face
Self-massage Of The Face

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Women really enjoy being young and beautiful. Is there a mysterious elixir of youth? Not. Self-massage of the face is an effective way. It is not difficult to give a minute to the skin every evening. A woman needs to learn to love herself, be less nervous and worried.

Self-massage of the face
Self-massage of the face

The beauty of the skin, according to makeup artists, is fundamental. After all, if a girl puts on a stunning dress, this will not help to hide flabbiness and skin tone. Even if you cover it with foundation, it will not look natural and healthy. The appearance of unhealthy skin also visually increases age. Is it possible to quickly eliminate such deficiencies?

First of all, you need to know the reasons for their occurrence. Wrinkles and flabbiness appear even at a young age, if the body does not receive the required amount of vitamins and minerals. First of all, you need to eat right or go to a nutritionist to prescribe a diet.

  • Increase the intake of water (2.5 liters, but not immediately, increase the dose of water gradually). Water helps to smooth wrinkles as the metabolism increases.
  • To tone the skin, you need to wash your face with cold water. Or wipe your face with ice cubes.
  • Apply a cream that contains creatine, it strengthens the muscles.
  • Before proceeding with self-massage, you need to wash your hands with a solution containing alcohol.

Not all massages are created equal. Therefore, they are divided into three types of technology:

- classic (light movements, suitable for sensitive skin);

- plastic (rhythmic patting, tones up);

- pinching (rhythmic tingling, suitable for plump women).

Stage 1. Relaxation. Try to relax all parts of the face, while pressing pointwise on the necessary points.

Stage 2. We start with the chin. Pat under it. And remember that all movements should be rounded, starting from the center and ending with the edge of the face.

Stage 3. Go to the cheeks, cheekbones, temples and forehead.

Stage 4. Around the eyes and lips (so that there are no mimic wrinkles).

Stage 5. Nose. Also from the center closer to the nostrils.

Stage 6. Gently sweep the neck from top to bottom.

Stage 7. You can create a relaxing atmosphere, prepare candles, a quiet melody, aromatic oil.

Stage 8. It is also necessary to apply cream or cleanse the skin along the massage lines.

The effects of massage should not be underestimated. The result will be visible in two weeks. And of course, do not forget about playing sports, fitness and leading an active lifestyle.

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