Body And Face Care After Vacation

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Body And Face Care After Vacation
Body And Face Care After Vacation

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Going on vacation, not everyone thinks that sometimes after the bright sun, strong wind and sandy beaches, you will have to put your skin in order. But if you do not take care of her in time, you will have to regret the vacation. If, for some reason, while resting, it was not possible to take good care of yourself, then after the vacation it’s time for this.

Body and face care after vacation
Body and face care after vacation


Step 1

One of the main problems after vacation is flaky skin. And this is not your fault. Often, simply changing the climate or regime is enough. You could just leave the city for the village for fresh air, and this is already a lot of stress for your skin. In the city, you were not under such intense sunlight as in nature outside the city. First, try to soothe your skin with a sour cream or yogurt face pack. It's good to do this before bed. Take 200 ml of low-fat sour cream and add not three drops of rose oil, mix and apply on face for fifteen minutes.

Step 2

Mineral washing and rubbing with ice cubes will help to tighten the skin tone after the vacation. Enhance these treatments with essential oils and herbs. Buy chamomile, sage and mint from the pharmacy, mix in equal proportions and brew. Let it brew for one hour. Strain the infusion and pour into ice molds. These ice cubes can be used to wipe the skin not only in the morning, but also throughout the day. After a couple of days, you will see how the skin is tightened and become more elastic and soft. Unsalted mineral water is well suited for washing. Pour half a glass of mineral water into a cup and add a drop of lemon oil and three ylang ylang.

Step 3

Uneven or excessive tanning can be another problem after vacation. Little can be done at home. You can use lemon peels and diluted hydrogen peroxide for whitening, but you need to use these funds carefully, having consulted with a beautician in advance.

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