Essential Oils Against Cellulite

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Essential Oils Against Cellulite
Essential Oils Against Cellulite

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What methods of fighting cellulite have not been invented by the beautiful half of humanity. However, nothing more pleasant and safer, as well as more useful than essential oils in cosmetology, still exists. You need to use them wisely and carefully, but the effect pleases almost immediately after use. And the process of application, due to pleasant aromas, is a great pleasure.



Step 1

One of the fastest ways to get rid of cellulite is an anti-cellulite peeling with essential oils. A tool for those who need dramatic and quick changes in their appearance. True, this method has one big drawback, for those who have not pronounced cellulite, it is not suitable. It is better for such patients to start with a massage, and if your cellulite problem has just begun, then it may end with a massage. The most common anti-cellulite peeling recipe among cosmetologists can be prepared at home. To do this, mix in one container 200 ml of cold-pressed olive oil, 150 g of sea salt without additives, fucus powder and ten drops of orange oil. All ingredients can be found at the pharmacy. You need to do this peeling after a bath or hot shower and no more than once every two to three days.

Step 2

The second is considered to be anti-cellulite massage. It can also be done by those who do not have such a problem, for prevention and simply to improve the elasticity of the skin. Very often, when fighting cellulite, almond oil is used, it is great as a base. You can dilute it with a few drops of bergamot, grapefruit, juniper, yarrow, oregano, chamomile or fennel. The list can be continued for quite a long time. The main thing is that the oil is tonic, does not cause you allergies and you like its aroma.

Step 3

Creams and lotions can be a good help in the fight against cellulite and its prevention. The easiest way to do this is to buy a simple baby cream without fragrances or fragrances and add a few drops of oil or a combination of both.

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