How To Moisturize Your Skin In Winter

How To Moisturize Your Skin In Winter
How To Moisturize Your Skin In Winter

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As strange as it may sound, in winter, the skin of any type of face needs more moisture than in summer. But not everyone knows how and how to properly moisturize it.

How to moisturize your skin in winter
How to moisturize your skin in winter

In vain, some ladies believe that there is no difference between day and night, summer and winter cosmetics for skin care. It is not for nothing that scientists, entire laboratories and institutes are working on the creation of formulas for effective creams, serums and oils. Take at least winter care - the cream should be able to protect the skin from the cold and fill it with life-giving moisture, the oils should be as nourishing as possible, but not greasy.

In winter, many women notice with horror that their skin dries terribly, and begin to moisturize it with what is at hand. And, unfortunately, they do not always choose the right means.


The most popular way to moisturize your skin is cream. It instantly removes traces of dryness and tightness, and gives a feeling of comfort. But not all creams have sufficient moisturizing properties. When choosing a cream for the winter period, you need to pay attention to how much hyaluronic acid it contains, because it is she who is responsible for maintaining life-giving moisture in the epidermis. If there are no numbers, then you can determine in another way. In the description of the composition of the cosmetic product, the ingredients are indicated in descending order, that is, it contains more of those substances that are indicated among the first.

The second rule of winter hydration is the regularity of the procedures. You need to use the cream twice, or even three times a day, and not when you feel pronounced discomfort.

Salon treatments, such as collagen masks, hyaluronic or peptide injections, can provide moisture to the deeper layers of the skin. After the procedures, the deep layers of the skin are renewed, filled with life-giving moisture, and include their natural defense mechanisms, which retain moisture received from outside.

Not so long ago, LED therapy appeared. During this procedure, the face is covered with a gel mask and the patient is placed under special lamps. Under the influence of rays of different lengths and different colors, the skin awakens, metabolic processes are activated, and its immune system is restored. Red rays are responsible for moisturizing the skin, during which the synthesis of collagen is accelerated, microcirculation of lymph and the production of hyaluronic acid is accelerated.

Spray cannot be the main source of moisture for the skin in winter! It can only refresh, replenish the supply of salts and minerals, but for a short period of time. It is necessary to apply thermal water and cream on the skin long before going out into the cold. If the water and the care product have not been absorbed, they will simply freeze and "burn" the surface of the epidermis, harm it and do no good.

You cannot blindly believe the promises of dietary supplements. Not all biological additives can help to retain moisture in the epidermis. Dermatologists believe that even hyaluronic acid tablets are unable to deliver water to skin cells! However, they can help maintain the balance of those substances in the body that are responsible for the health of the skin. When choosing, give preference to those dietary supplements, the action of which is aimed at specific problems of your specific body. Follow the rule - I am healthy, my skin is healthy.

Absorbing a lot of drinking water during the winter will also not keep your skin dry. Water intake should be in accordance with the generally accepted norms and needs of your body.

In winter, humidifiers should be installed in any room. Heating dries the air, draws moisture from the skin, and these wonderful devices help to maintain a sufficient level of humidity in the room. But its installation should not serve as a reason for canceling other procedures and refusal from cosmetics.Complex care is necessary for the skin, especially in winter!

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