Causes Of Blackheads On The Nose

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Causes Of Blackheads On The Nose
Causes Of Blackheads On The Nose

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Some people have blackheads on their noses. If they are present, the face looks untidy, unkempt. You can get rid of this cosmetic defect, even at home. However, first it is necessary to identify the nature of their origin.

Causes of blackheads on the nose
Causes of blackheads on the nose

Why do black dots appear on the nose?

Blackheads on the nose have a medical name - open comedones. Most often they occur when the face is oily. They appear due to clogging of the sebaceous glands with dust and dead cells. The reasons for the appearance of comedones on the nose are different. For example, they can appear due to improper nutrition. If you like fatty, spicy and smoked food, do not be surprised to see dark spots on your nose.

The reason for the appearance of this cosmetic defect can be improperly selected skin care. For example, if you neglect cleansing your face, the likelihood of comedones increases significantly. In this case, you need to contact a specialist for advice.

A person who is depressed or under stress may notice blackheads on their nose. The thing is that in case of nervous disorders, the chemical composition of sebum undergoes changes. Normalize your emotional state, for this, start attending psychological trainings, sign up for yoga.

The environmental situation in the country can also provoke the appearance of comedones on human skin. Dust, high humidity, strong wind - all this negatively affects the condition of the face.

That is why it is necessary to cleanse the skin daily.

This skin condition can be inherited. Doctors say that in this case, it is almost impossible to fight it, because genes take their toll.

How to get rid of blackheads on the nose

One of the most effective methods of removing comedones is manual or hardware pore cleansing. This procedure is best done in a beauty parlor. However, you can squeeze pimples at home too. To do this, steam your face using a herbal decoction. Disinfect your fingers with rubbing alcohol. Gently squeeze out the pimples, then treat the skin with an anti-inflammatory agent.

If you have enlarged pores, you cannot use a steam bath.

Use folk remedies to reduce blackheads on your nose. Mix a tablespoon of gelatin with the same amount of milk. Warm the mixture slightly, cool and apply to the area of ​​accumulation of comedones. After 10 minutes, remove the film formed on the nose.

Use cosmetic clay, various scrubs (for example, made with sea salt). At the pharmacy, you can purchase products aimed at removing blackheads. You can cleanse your skin with various gels, masks, lotions.

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