How To Stop Hair Growth After Epilation

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How To Stop Hair Growth After Epilation
How To Stop Hair Growth After Epilation

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Hair removal, as you know, is not the most pleasant procedure. Therefore, many women want hair in epilated areas to grow as slowly as possible.

The desire for the skin to remain smooth as long as possible after epilation is quite natural. To do this, you need to somehow slow down the process of normal hair growth.

The modern beauty industry offers a wide range of products designed to solve this problem. But few remedies really cope with the task entrusted to it to slow down the growth of unwanted hair. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to proven folk remedies, with the help of which our grandmothers got rid of excess hair.

How to stop hair growth after epilation
How to stop hair growth after epilation


Step 1

Lemon juice. It is necessary to lubricate the skin with lemon juice after epilation. Citric acid damages the hair follicles and stops hair growth. It makes sense to apply lemon juice for 5 days in a row after epilation.

Step 2

Fresh grape juice has a similar effect to lemon juice. Apply to skin also within 5 days after epilation.

Step 3

An Indian folk remedy for hair growth is turmeric. Combine turmeric powder with water to form a gruel. The gruel is applied to selected areas of the skin after epilation. Hair follicles after hair removal are injured and open as much as possible, so the active substance of turmeric penetrates directly into the bulb and damages it.

If, after applying the turmeric slurry, wrap the skin with plastic and let it stand for 30 minutes, the effect of weakening the hair will be more significant.

Step 4

Fresh seeds of stinging nettle (ripen in July-August) in the amount of 40 g should be infused in vegetable oil (100 g) for 6 weeks. Then the oil infusion must be filtered.

Apply nettle oil 1-2 times a day to the areas of your skin that you want to completely remove hair. And so every day until the oil runs out. This process will take about two months. As a result of this procedure, unnecessary hair is likely to disappear forever.

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