What Exercises Can Remove Bags Under The Eyes

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What Exercises Can Remove Bags Under The Eyes
What Exercises Can Remove Bags Under The Eyes

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Even young girls can develop bags under the eyes. They arise due to the fact that fluid accumulates under the thin skin of the eyelids. You can help your body by doing eye bags exercises.

What exercises can remove bags under the eyes
What exercises can remove bags under the eyes

Edema can be the result of diseases of internal organs, for example, kidneys. But often bags appear due to improper nutrition, lack of sleep, non-compliance with the drinking regime. Also, bags appear because with age, the face grows fat, and excess fat accumulates under the eyes.

Exercises to relieve puffiness

Start with wrinkle-smoothing and fluid-removing exercises. First you need to do a warm-up.

Blink frequently for a minute. Then place your bent index fingers on your eyebrows, pressing the outer corners of your eyes with your bent thumbs. Begin to squint strongly, pressing your fingers to prevent the skin of the eyelids from wrinkling.

Place your index fingers in the middle of your movable eyelid. Do not close your eyes while doing this. Slowly lower your gaze downward, preventing your fingers from closing your eyes. Ultimately, you must close your eye against the resistance of your fingers. During exercise, try not to wrinkle your forehead or frown.

Using your index and middle fingers, stretch your eye out from the outer corner. At the same time, close your eyes tightly, creating pressure inside the eyeball, but not wrinkling your forehead. Now open your eyes while continuing to squint. You should feel like your eyes are trying to roll out through small slits. Monitor the pressure of your fingers at all times. Such gymnastics from edema around the eyes can rejuvenate the face for 5 years.

Facial Slimming Complex

Fold the lips together with the letter "O", making the opening as small as possible. Stick your tongue out as far as possible. At this time, lift your eyes up, trying to look back. Blink as often as possible, while pulling your lower jaw down so that your mouth does not open.

Relax your facial muscles as much as possible. Tighten your eyeballs and start rolling them from side to side. Then complement the under-eye bag exercises by drawing numbers with your eyes.

Place both hands on your forehead with your fingertips touching. Now spread your fingers slightly - the skin of the forehead will stretch a little. Widening your eyes, as if you were inordinately surprised. Do not hinder the raising of your eyebrows, but do not let your palms wrinkle your forehead. Freeze for a few seconds.

Gymnastics for edema around the eyes ends with acupuncture massage. Place your middle fingers on the inner corners of your eyes and press down while inhaling until you feel a slight pain. Hold your breath for a couple of seconds. Exhaling slowly, release the pressure. Then press again.

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