How To Look Good At 40

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How To Look Good At 40
How To Look Good At 40

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In the eyes of modern society, a 30-year-old woman looks almost like a girl, and a 40-year-old often looks like the older sister of her adult daughter. How many women manage to look good at 40? Plastic surgery? Magic? Genes? No, comprehensive care and a positive attitude.

How to look good at 40
How to look good at 40


Step 1

Perhaps we should start with an internal state. A happy woman can always look younger than 40. Even during adversity, try to smile, because a gloomy face adds age to 20-year-old girls. Going through life with a positive, you will not only be able to maintain youth, but also learn to cope with any difficulties.

Step 2

If you want to look 40 to 30, you need to saturate your diet with vitamins and minerals. After thirty, you need to take calcium, iron and folic acid, and at 40, be sure to include fiber, foods rich in magnesium and potassium in the menu. Also, follow the lead of Madonna, who has been taking astaxanthin, a carotenoid synthesized from microscopic algae, for 25 years.

Step 3

You won't be able to look good at 40 if you continue to smoke and drink alcohol. If the male body still has some kind of immunity to alcohol, then the female suffers from every drop. An exception for a mature lady can be dry red wine, no more than 400 ml per week.

Step 4

Arm yourself with sports. A certain amount of rejuvenating cells, which was given to you by nature, after 30 begins to rapidly melt. Only an active lifestyle can activate the process of self-healing of the organism. Don't miss out on the extra walks, bike rides, swims, or jogs in the park. In addition, you need to visit some kind of sports section - yoga, Pilates, shaping, body flex - at least 3 times a week.

Step 5

To look younger than 40, you need to follow a drinking regimen and get enough sleep. Don't sacrifice hours of rest for homework or watching TV. If at 20 you could dance the night away, then at 40 the body will not forgive you for such neglect of itself and will take revenge with wrinkles and bruises under the eyes.

Step 6

Proper makeup will help you look 40 to 30. At this age, women have already clearly marked "crow's feet" and wrinkles around the mouth. A light concealer and foundation darker than your natural skin tone will help to mask this flaw. When doing makeup, make sure that all lines are upward. Move your eyes carefully, pointing the tips of the arrows up. By the way, eyebrows often give out age. If they have thinned out, it is worth getting a tattoo. If, on the contrary, they are too thick, pluck them so that the tails do not fall to the corners of the eyes - this shape makes the face look tired and miserable.

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