Getting Ready For The Wedding: A Half-year Beauty Plan

Getting Ready For The Wedding: A Half-year Beauty Plan
Getting Ready For The Wedding: A Half-year Beauty Plan

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You need to prepare for the wedding in advance! Six months is the optimal time to noticeably look prettier for the upcoming event and not waste time and nerves on urgent procedures and preparations a couple of days before the ceremony. Be the most beautiful bride and enjoy the celebration!

Getting ready for the wedding: half-year beauty plan
Getting ready for the wedding: half-year beauty plan

6 months before the wedding

Finally, start drinking enough water - at least 8 glasses a day. This will help the renewal of skin cells, and in six months its condition will noticeably improve: it will become even and moisturized, fine wrinkles will be smoothed out, and possible traces of fatigue will not be noticeable. So fill the bottle with clean water and put it in your bag right away.

Time to rethink your daily care! If you suffer from any kind of skin problem, then something new should be tried. Sign up for a consultation with a beautician, stock up on trial samples of several care lines at once, and decide on changes: 6 months is exactly the time that your skin needs to transform and get used to the new care.

Start to "look closely" to the makeup artists. Most likely, you already have enough hassle on the wedding day - so it's better to save your nerves and entrust such an important moment as makeup to a professional you trust. Trust and personal touch are very important when choosing a makeup artist for your wedding day, so ask your friends who recently celebrated their wedding for contacts, or storm the internet forums of the city you live in.

Have you promised yourself many times to exfoliate at least twice a week and regularly moisturize your skin, but put it off all the time? Six months before the wedding is the time to start. During this time, thanks to the renewal of cells and their saturation with moisture, your skin will be transformed and noticeably tightened!

3 months before the wedding

It's time to decide on the salons in which you plan to carry out such procedures as manicure, haircut, hair dyeing - you are not mistaken, such things really need to be planned in advance! Book the time for the week the wedding is scheduled, otherwise you will have to worry about the lack of recording time later.

Start pampering your skin with masks and other treatments that are right for you. Cleansing, light exfoliation, deep nourishment and moisturizing - these procedures should become regular now so that unpleasant surprises like acne, irritation or peeling do not upset you on your wedding day.

2 months before the wedding

For those planning a self-tanning session just before the wedding: find a professional and try the procedure in the salon. If you are happy with the result - feel free to book a time 2 days before the ceremony!

Choose a perfume. This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the necessary advance preparations, but the fact remains: at the wedding you should feel as comfortable as possible, accepting hugs and congratulations, so it is worth getting used to the perfume in advance, from time to time. time, putting it on your wrist and trying to "taste" and get used to a specific smell on yourself. Experimenting with such an important thing as scent is hardly worth experimenting on your wedding day!

1 month before the wedding

It's time to rehearse your makeup! Meet with your chosen makeup artist and experiment together. Walk around with makeup, admire yourself in the mirror, ask your friends for opinion. Take some pictures with your camera to imagine how the makeup will look at the wedding.

Time to tackle your feet. Baths twice a week with relaxing oils, exfoliating scrubs and moisturizers - even a month of this treatment will save you from spending a lot of time transforming your heels just before the ceremony.

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