How To Apply Lotion

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How To Apply Lotion
How To Apply Lotion

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The word with Roman roots and French origins "lotion" is perceived by consumers as a means to cleanse the skin. It is not always so. In fact, the lotion has several functions, and cleansing is not always the main one. One of the translations of the word “lotio” means “ablution”, it better conveys the essence of this cosmetic product, because “to wash” does not always mean “to wash”. The lotion should be used in accordance with its purpose.

How to apply lotion
How to apply lotion


Step 1

The broadest group is facial cleansing lotions. They are a liquid that contains various chemical and natural ingredients that help remove excess sebum, dust and other impurities from the face. Apply a generous amount of this lotion to a cotton pad and wipe it over your face and neck. Let the moisture dry naturally.

Step 2

One of the subgroups of cleansing lotions is make-up removal lotions. Apply such lotion to a cotton pad, remove decorative cosmetics from the skin of the face and lips with gentle movements. Some of them do not require any additional procedures. Other lotions are just a means of properly preparing the skin for the next stage of cleansing. This information should be indicated on the packaging.

Step 3

Toning lotions are needed to increase the elasticity of the skin and make it look healthy and fresh. Use toning lotion on its own throughout the day if you're not using foundation, or wipe it down on your face before applying makeup. Apply it to your face with a cotton pad, or gently rub it into your skin with your fingertips.

Step 4

Soothing lotions are needed to relieve inflammation and irritation of the skin. The soothing lotion softens the skin and relieves pain. It is used not only for the skin of the face, but also for the body. After sun soothing lotions are widely used. Apply these lotions with the palm of your hand, fingertips, or a cotton pad, depending on the area of ​​application.

Step 5

Moisturizing lotions are also intended not only for the face, but also for the body. These lotions are needed to restore elasticity to the skin, soften it and nourish it with moisture. Depending on the purpose, they can have a different consistency - from a watery emulsion to a relatively liquid cream. Apply a liquid moisturizing toner with a cotton pad, creamy ones with your fingertips or palms (depending on the part of the body).

Step 6

Revitalizing and nourishing lotions can be in the form of a liquid or a fairly thick, but light creamy substance. They are needed in order to nourish the skin of the face or body with beneficial ingredients. Often these lotions are recommended to be applied at night before going to bed. Apply them according to the directions on the package.

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