How To Get Rid Of Dry Feet

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How To Get Rid Of Dry Feet
How To Get Rid Of Dry Feet

Video: How To Get Rid Of Dry Feet

Video: How To Get Rid Of Dry Feet

The skin of the feet is usually dry. This is especially noticeable in winter, when you have to wear warmer things - tights or trousers. Itching, tightness, roughness and flaking are common, all due to insufficient blood circulation and decreased nutrition of skin cells. To restore its health and protective functions, to make it elastic and resilient, it is very important to choose the right care products.

How to get rid of dry feet
How to get rid of dry feet


Step 1

If flaking becomes noticeable and flakes appear on your skin, pay attention to your shower gel. Change the product you have always used for a product of the same brand, only with a moisturizing effect.

Step 2

Try shower cosmetics that contain ceramides. They are an important constituent of the cell membrane. Their impact on cells promotes their regeneration.

Step 3

Get an essential oil foot care product. The substances it contains will have a healing effect on irritated skin, helping to heal cracks. As you know, some essential oils have a bactericidal effect. At the same time, the skin is gently cleansed, and its surface receives additional moisture.

Step 4

Start using specialized body care products after showering. For example, mineral oils can be used for additional moisturizing. They will create an additional source of nutrients for the skin and will help it moisturize and heal.

Step 5

Choose cosmetics that help restore the natural lipid layer. This will reduce the loss of moisture in the cells. For sensitive skin that requires particularly gentle care and is prone to allergies, get baby moisturizers.

Step 6

Use such products as "Bepanten", "D-panthenol", etc. The active substance of these drugs is identical to pantheonic acid, which is found in almost all tissues and cells of the body. Provide skin cells with the building blocks to rebuild the epidermis and supply nutrients.

Step 7

Use warm sea salt baths. Herbal infusions will also help: mint, chamomile, nettle, elderberry, plantain, medicinal and clary sage, plantain, horsetail, etc. 2-3 tbsp. tablespoons of chopped herbs, brew with a glass of boiling water. Add the resulting infusion to the bath.